Complete Guide To Collecting Nectar Points With MyMail And The Daily Mail Rewards!

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I’ll openly admit I do not buy the Daily Mail however it is something grandparents seem to get religiously and I just can’t help but flick through it when I visit! I think it reminds me of my childhood when I used to see them read it from beginning to end… twice over! Last week I noticed within the paper a unique number and went to investigate. How did I not know that there is such a thing as My Mail Rewards where you can collect up-to 80 Nectar points per week.. that’s like FREE money! Well, I do now and so do you!

Mail Online Rewards

What is the Daily Mail Rewards?

What is now known as MyMail was formally referred to as the Daily Mail Rewards. It is still a similar platform they’ve just had a name change (I’m told!).

How Do I Sign up or get a MyMail account?

Getting started..

You can find more info and sign up for a FREE account over at It’s super simple and takes seconds. You don’t need to have a paper in front of you but be sure to have to hand your Nectar card if you have one already if not head over and register for a one of those too at If you don’t have it to hand don’t worry you can just login later and connect it to your account later.

What is a Nectar Card?

Nectar is the UK’s most popular loyalty programme — and it’s free so if you haven’t already got one get one!

You can get points from fuel, shopping in Sainsburys, tons of other partners and of course via MyMail too.. it’s certainly worth having one!

What can I spend my Nectar points on?

A full list of MyMail Offers can be found here. To see a list of Nectar spend and collect partners click here. For assistance with Nectar offers call: 0344 811 0811.

How Does MyMail Rewards Work?

Unique Numbers are printed in both the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. Every time you enter them on MyMail you’ll earn Nectar points, which can then be exchanged for rewards.

Where to find your unique My Mail Number?

The 12-digit numbers are printed at the bottom of the back page of every copy of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday which is how you can collect a max of 80 Nectar points per week!

Where do I enter MyMail unique numbers?

If you login to your MyMail account it will be the first thing you see in the bar at the top of the page.

How long do I have to enter MyMail unique numbers?

You have until midnight 4 days after your paper is published. So you have until midnight on Friday to redeem your code from your Monday paper.

Missing a Daily Mail Rewards Number?

Don’t worry, just click ‘missing a unique number’ and it will guide you through how to claim your points if you can’t read the numbers, the paper has been torn or it’s missing completely!

How many Nectar points can I get from MyMail rewards?

You can get up to 80 points per week!

How To get Extra bonus nectar points using mymail?

Hold off for a few days before linking your Nectar card to MyMail. You will get an email prompting you to simply link your MyMail and Nectar accounts and enter three Unique Numbers from the back page of the Mail between two dates and 150 bonus points will be added to your account straightaway! 

Are the MyMail Rewards worth it?

If you get the Daily Mail anyway or know someone that does then YES!!

If you know someone else who gets the paper and who ISN’T collecting the points themselves, then be sure to get them to save the paper or text you the number across to redeem as soonas possible! You can only redeem them the once and in the time frame stated above so be quick!

What is Mail Plus?

Mail Plus is the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday app on your tablet and smartphone that you too can access through My Mail.

Help and other Frequently asked questions about MyMail Rewards

How many Nectar Points will I collect with each Unique Number?

Monday to Friday will get you 5 Nectar points
Saturday paper will get you 10 Nectar points
Sunday paper will add 15 Nectar points to your account

Collect 7 out of 7 days and get an EXTRA 30 bonus points!

When will I get my bonus points?

The bonus points are added once you’ve entered 7 Unique Numbers weekly for purchases Saturday to Friday. When you enter your 7th unique number, you’ll receive your bonus points immediately. 

When will my Nectar Points be added to my balance?

Whenever you enter a Unique Number your points balance should update in a matter of seconds. However, on occasions they say, it may take up to 24 hours for your points balance to update.

Hope this helps increase your Nectar card balance and if you haven’t one already perhaps encourages you to get one too.. if you are buying things anyway and it isn’t going to cost you anymore money to get your fuel at Sainsburys than Asda then it’s in effect FREE money!

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  • Jean Scholefield 19th August 2019 at 14:58

    I have been collecting these points for years. I only have the Daily Mail on Saturday for the tv mag which is very good and all the puzzles. Don’t read much of the paper. It does add up.Then every so often when SB has a double up points event, I swap them for something I need such as last time a new kettle.

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