Best Way To Spend Nectar Points

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Collecting nectar points is becoming increasingly easier. I remember when it was just those that shopped at Sainsbury’s but now you can get them through eBay, Daily Mail Rewards, Lloyds Pharmacy even Esso!

It’s ok collecting a ton of them but what is the best way to spend them?

Redeem Your Nectar Points

Sainsburys Summer Camps

This year Sainsbury’s ran summer camps all over the country as part of their active kids programmesJosie was one who took full advantage of the fact you could pay in Nectar points and had loads so ended up getting 4 days for 2 kids for free!

What is probably the most beneficial way and getting the most from your Nectar points is the double up promotion Sainsburys run every now and then.

Spending Your Nectar points at Argos

How much are my nectar points worth at Argos?

500 points are worth £2.50 and your can spend your Nectar points both in store AND online. Be sure to link both your Nectar and Argos accounts though!

Exchange your nectar points into eBay vouchers

Did you know you can convert your Nectar points into eBay vouchers in My eBay?

You’ll need at least 500 points to create a voucher, and vouchers can be created in 500 point increments up to 40,000 points. That means £200 per voucher. Just enter how many points you’d like to convert is your eBay account and they’ll talk you through it!

Use them to go on holiday!

You can even put your Nectar points towards a break away on the Eurostar or LNER trains!

More ways to spend your nectar Points

If you’ve got nothing in particular to spend them on you could always just treat yourself to a bottle of wine or beer every now and then or perhaps buy your food shop at Christmas!

You can also exchange them at Brakes, Costa & Pizza Hut for food and drink as well! Eating out can get expensive for a family can’t it so every little helps or why not swap them for a Vue cinema ticket or a Sky store movie and have a night in!?

It’s in effect free money and although you will never get back exactly what you’ve spent, as long as you aren’t just shopping at Sainsburys for the points; it isn’t going to cost you a penny!

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