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September is officially ‘second hand September’. If you haven’t heard of this initiative it’s basically buying nothing new throughout the whole of September! Saying yes to second hand stops pieces of clothing from going to landfill – giving them a longer life and myself, ThriftyMum and tons of other UK Money Bloggers have vowed to take the pledge!

Second Hand September

Buyers of second hand clothing tend to be regulars at buying second hand clothing. A lot know where to go, which charity shops tend to stock certain things and which ones are worth a trip.

But I’m still learning the tricks of the trade! I only have a couple of recycled clothing stores near me but when I’m passing or head to somewhere that has a few I do tend to nip in more than ever before!

Here’s a few tips for you on buying used clothing…

Pick your area

Beverley has to be my favourite place for buying used clothing as there are quite a few thrift stores on the high street so I tend to visit them all in one go but I believe from experience Beverley is a place local to me whereby their charity shops are priced slightly higher than others I’ve been too purely based on its location.

Best time to visit a charity shop

If you think about the fact most people would have clear outs over a weekend I would say the best time to visit a recycled clothes store would be at the beginning of the week. Give them time to get them on the rails but I would expect more new items to be on sale Monday/Tuesday for sure.

rail of empty brown coat hangers

Choose the right time of year

Charity shops get used clothes in all the time but September inparticular is a great time of year to find used clothes for sale because summer is over and a change of season is when people usually have a clear out of their wardrobes.

Go with an open mind

Don’t go with something specific in mind but then also don’t be tempted by things you don’t necessarily need. If you go in with an open mind you are more likely to find some bargain or some second hand vintage clothing!

Don’t rush!

I personally can’t take the kids around a charity or just pop in on the way as I’m passing because I feel like I need time to really look. If I rush, I’m scared I’m miss something right in front of my eyes but also rummaging through endless rails is half the fun and you sometimes need plenty of time to do that because there are tons to get through!

Get second hand Clothes online

If you don’t have a charity shop nearby you can always buy online!

A lot of the charity shops out there allow you to buy second hand online now which is amazing! It gives a lot more people the opportunity to buy charity shop clothes online if they don’t have a store nearby or perhaps just can’t get there.

Always try on!

The only downside to buying second hand clothing online is that you can’t try them on. There may only be one changing room in a charity shop but it’s worth trying on anything you pick up before you leave the store. If you buy numerous things that you just hope fit you could end up spending a fortune on things that don’t so it’s always best to nip into a changing room before you leave.

view inside of a charity shop with rails of clothes and plants

Buy used clothes in bulk

There’s absolutely nothing stopping you going into a charity shop and buying used clothes in bulk but did you know you can actually buy bales of second hand clothes from various other places. Just Google ‘where can I buy used clothing bales near me’ and you might even find a place pretty close to where you live! It’s unlikely to be a charity mind so bare that in mind.

Second hand maternity clothes

The charity shop is a great place to find any used maternity clothes too! A lot of new Mum’s don’t have time to do car boots or list things on eBay and pop to the Post Office every day but bagging things up and dropping them off as they pass a recycled clothing store is way more likely (believe me I’ve been there!). You can pick up some right bargains too!

So I hope that has given you a few tips on buying used clothing. It would be great to hear from you too have decided joined the pledge on #secondhandseptember and if you have any tips to share on your experiences of buying second hand then feel free to drop me a comment down below.

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  • Hannah 3rd September 2019 at 08:56

    I’ve just found a local charity shop we’re all of the items are £1 max. Yet to find anything that I’ve liked and in my size in there but every time I go past I have a good rummage now

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