Cheap Daytime Date Ideas

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Day dating is fun, and now that both our children are in school it’s usually easier to date by day than it is on a night! It usually works out cheaper too as there tends to be a lot more are choices and offers during the day midweek that aren’t available during the weekends of evenings so why not consider partaking in one of these 7 activities and go daytime dating instead!


Get the lunch deal!

Lunch is cheaper than dinner in most restaurants.  It’s sooooo much more cost effective to take your date to a fancy restaurant and grab what’s on the lunch menu and still enjoy the service and ambiance at a noon meal instead of the evening.  It’s unlikely that during the daytime as much alcohol will be consumed, which leads to another saving! 

Meet for drinks after work

This is a great icebreaker and it’s easy to find a “happy hour” bar or restaurant during the afternoon hours.  Do a little earlier research and you might even find a lunch menu still serving! 

Ice Cream

Sunday afternoon ice cream together in an old-fashioned ice cream parlor is super fun… unless you’re like me and super greedy!  Why not do a little pre tasting and enjoy each other’s creativity as you choose the toppings. It can also be a nice fun ice breaker! If you can’t find a parlor, purchase ice cream cones to go and enjoy them as you stroll in a nearby park, beach or town. 

Have a picnic

Packing a picnic lunch to have in a park, by the lake or on a beach is always impressive and can be done really quite cheaply.  The lunch doesn’t have to look cheap though.  Make some finger sandwiches with a few chips and dips, perhaps a little cheese and wine if it’s allowed in the park.  Don’t forget to include a dessert.

Go to see a film or play

Matinee movies are always offered at discount prices (the popcorn never is though hey!  It might not be any good if it’s a first date because you can’t exactly have a chat through the film! BUT the movie gives you a perfect lead-in to conversation afterwards!

Get active!

Not that kind of active you dirty so-and-so! 😉 I mean if both of you enjoy the more active date and are athletic, rock climbing is becoming popular.  It’s not that expensive (the cost tends to come when you have multiple kids who want to do it too!) and is sure to provide an opportunity for lots of laughs. 

Get a lift!

Consider meeting somewhere and save the cost of picking the other one up.. not only that but this is especially good if you decide to cut the date short! If you’ve made your own way there you don’t need to ask for a lift back!

Daytime dating is more casual and less intimidating and date-like I feel than in the dark of night. Next time why not enjoy the unlimited choices and saving of money by dating in the daytime!

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