How To Save Money At The Hairdressers

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I don’t know about you but the hairdressers are something I absolutely LOVE to go to but find it just too expensive to go to every 6 weeks or so! I don’t even get it cut as much as I should do too be honest and probably go once a school term! Nope not every half term… Easter, Christmas or Summer are the only times my hairdresser usually gets to see me! So today I’m sharing with you my tips on how to save yourself some money at the hairdressers (or salon depending on where you are from!) that if like me ever so often you want to treat yourself you can!

Tips To Save Money At A Hair Salon

Go To A Beauty School Or College

You may be surprised to know but I was blonde in school. Until I started having to pay for it myself and realising £55/week apprenticeship didn’t get me much! So when I left school I ended up resorting to box dyes in red or brown and doing it myself.

When we were teenagers my friend actually went to beauty college and regularly needed models to practice on. Although it was only ever an all over head dye, this was a super affordable way to get my hair coloured for super cheap. I think I ended up just contribution to what they used to be fair because she was learning the tricks of the trade under the supervision of someone alot more experienced.

Go For A Balayage

For the past few years I’ve been trying to get my hair back lighter. I don’t ever think it will be as light as it used to because I just don’t have the cash to spend on getting it done every 6 weeks which is what I would need to do so I chose to go for a Balayage.

A Balayage look means that as my hair grows my dark roots look ok. They look acceptable lets say! They probably don’t look as they should to hairdressers nor what they looked like as I walked out of the salon 6 weeks ago but to me I have a bit of colour there and just have to dye the roots myself when my greys start coming through!

DIY your roots

I would never in a million years mess about with bleach hair dye. No way! But I do not hesitate when needed, as I’ve already mentioned, to touch up my roots every 4/6 weeks or so and head back to the hair dressers every school term for the bleach and a cut.

A root colour is usually on offer at 2 for £7 and, again probably in the eyes of a hairdressers does not cover as it should, is perfect for me and tides me over until I save up to go to freshen up my blond bits!

Get A Low Maintenance Style

Mine is super low maintenance.. now! I went for a fringe 6 month or so back but it meant I had to really keep on top of it, style it and even trim it myself when it got to long. As much as I loved my fringe (for a week!) it just wasn’t ideal and I needed to keep on top of it.

Don’t go for the Senior Stylist

If you have the option don’t go for the senior stylist. They will more often than not charge more than a regular stylist working in the same shop.

You may love the work of the senior stylist, like mine(!), but if you do want to same a few pounds then see if there is a junior or regular member of staff available if you wish.

Skip the BlowDry

If I’m not going out somewhere I am going to ask my hairdresser to do this next time. I’m not sure if it makes any difference to the price whatsoever but it’s worth asking. If you think how much time they spend styling, you should see even just a small reduction in price for saying no to a blow-dry.

Look for offers!

Follow your hairdresser on social media. Mine is always posting offers where someone has cancelled and to save them sat around waiting for an hour on their next appointment they might as well offer it out to others at a slightly cheaper price.

It doesn’t work for everyone because obviously some people book their hairdressers appointment in religiously every 6 weeks but if like me you work from home and most weeks you are super flexible AND you can even take your work with you it’s very handy to keep an eye on your hairdressers account!

Loyalty Program

My hairdresser also used to have one of these but I always forget to take it to get stamped! I can’t remember what it offered my if I did get it stamped every visit but it’s likely to have been a free touch up, blow dry or cut I imagine. It’s definatly worth asking at your salon if they offer similar.

So I do hope these tips help you get to the hairdressers more often than me! It IS a luxury for so many as it many other beauty treatments but there is no getting away with the fact it makes us feel so good when we do invest in ourselves so we should do it more! Maybe you can using these tips to save money going to the hairdressers!

Feel free to share with someone who needs a treat and PIN to read again later.

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