#5frugalthings I’ve done this week….

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Have you ever been tempted to buy something that is clearly a ‘rip off’ of well known brands such as Twix, Mars or Cadbury’s but haven’t because there’s no way it can taste even taste close right!?

Well last year I made it my aim to find as many own branded items that tasted exactly like the well known popular ones.

Herons own chocolate fingers that taste so much like Cadbury’s it’s uncanny. and for a big bag at just 85p such a bargain too!  I have to say compared to when I first tried them they no longer seem as close tasting but thats probably because I’ve ate so many 😉 !!!

Do you tend to buy many own branded items because you think they too taste the same or even better than the leading brand?  Would love to hear the ones you love!

So in our house we LOVE and I mean LOVE yorkshire puddings.  My eldest last night had rice and chicken with his Dad for his tea and I HAD to make him extra Yorkshire Puds because we are of course a Yorkshire family and just can’t get enough !!  If you too love yorkshire puds then check this batter mix out from Asda – it’s cheap, it makes so many, they taste like proper yorkshire puddings too AND you can be creative with them too – me and my youngest had toad in the hole last night!  I cooked some sausages in the oven for 10 minutes (if that!) then sorted the batter in a deep cupcake tin, cut up the sausages and popped them in.  20 minutes later a quick, easy and delicious traditional home cooked dinner!

I want to start back up with my favourites vlog sooo much but I have to be realistic in that I am NOT Zoella; I don’t have £700 to go out every month and buy things just to make a ‘favourites of the month video’ of things that probably aren’t really my favourites and do so to buy the next lot of ‘favourite products’ so this is partly why I started this blog post every week.  I mentioned a few more own branded items in my last favourites video that I did (back in August!) so feel free to check that out if you want to it’s down below.  I am still GENUINELY:

  • in love with Zoflora
  • using Astonish… (absolutly love their products!)
  • use Aqueous cream on my skin – an extremely cheap and cheerful cream I use as a face wash
  • and still go to the greengrocers for my fruit and veg every week instead of buying ones of such short shelf life from a supermarket.

So that’s frugal tip number 3 for this week… don’t buy for the sake of it & of course stay true to yourself !!

Was there anyone NOT poorly last week… everyone I have spoken to recently has been ill !!  We tend to just dose ourselves as adults with paracetamol and ibuprofen when we are under the weather but last week we needed something stronger.  Do you have an emergency medicine box – I don’t mean like a first aid kit (although everyone should certainly have one of those too!) but more an pharmacy drawer as we call it?  If not make it your aim this weekend to get one… don’t wait until you are poorly to nip to the nearest chemist and pay their ridiculous prices for medicines because you feel like you are actually dying!  Get prepared so on your next trip to the supermarket, Poundland or Wilkos take a note and pick up what you need BEFORE you actually need it.

I faked tanned last week for the first time in probably a year…. sometimes you just feel like I could just do with a bit of cheering up and colour don’t you and when I do theres only one place I head (apart from the obvious ‘outside’ !) and that is to grab the Dove Dermaspa Summer Revived fake tan.  Another genuine lovable product i’ve used for so long (the picture below is of when it was on sale for a bargain price of £2.50 in Asda back in September when I last stocked up!) but this week I saw on Instagram that it too is half price at both Boots and Asda at the minute and if its good enough for Anna Saccone-Joly that I suppose it’s good enough for me right 😉 !!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks #5frugalthings – I’m so proud of myself to sticking to it for the past 4 weeks…. but it’s what comes naturally plus to be honest it’s how I HAVE to exist; I really hope it’s helped you guys reading this in someway too 🙂

So how frugal have you been this week?  I would love to hear in the comments down below and if you too would like to join in with us by sharing what frugal and thrifty things you’ve been up to this week – even it’s just a picture of one of your #5frugalthings over on Instagram  we’d love to see them!

You don’t have to share five things you’ve done though, anything thrifty or frugal that you’ve been working on would be perfect… small steps and all that!

Thanks for reading & be sure to go check out the ladies I mentioned at the very start of this #5frugalthings link up for more hints and tips on saving money ?

Hope this helps!

Kirsty x



  1. 4th March 2018 / 08:49

    Homemade Yorkshires are even nicer and super easy to make although my two swear they prefer Aunt Bessies ha ha

    Thanks so much for joining in with last week’s linky, I’m so sorry I’m late with commenting and sharing. 😉

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