8 things scary movies teach you about life

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I’m not a massive fan of scary movies… I don’t really get them!  I’ve only ever seen Scream, Jeepers Creepers and Haunted Mansion ;).  I don’t think I’m a fan because the ones I have seen I’ve seen them at home with all the lights on and just haven’t found them that realistic AT ALL!  I imagine there are some films out there that are a lot more real than the three I’ve mentioned and you get a more realistic feel if you watch them in the cinema but due to the lack of horror films in my life I think I’m also in a pretty good position to list my [funny] 8 things scary movies teach you about life!

8 things scary movies teach you about life

If you hear or see anything scary or weird just get out….!

Don’t go back! Why the hell would you!? And whatever you do don’t ask if there is someone there… now you’re just asking for trouble!

Never play an oiwiji board in your own house…. EVER!

Unless you want nightmares for the rest of your life just don’t! Same goes for old board games and puzzles… I mean have you seen Jumanji!!?

Never listen to your children when they say they have an imaginary friend …

…move house NOW and don’t take them with you!!

Never listen to your children when they say they have an imaginary friend ... move house NOW and don't take them with you!!

Never split up!

And anyone suggests you should go your separate ways on the hunt for something refuse! Never go anywhere alone!

Never stand over a killer

..wondering if they are dead…. bloody run!

Cardio is super important!

I mean adrenaline and the fact you would be bricking it if you needed to run from someone might help but next time you’re on the treadmill keep your focus on the person chasing you with a chainsaw and learn how to run without falling down at a really inappropriate time.

Never take a shortcut

..through the woods, across a field or a graveyard… even during the day!

8 things scary movies teach you about life

Repeating a phrase 3 times over in the mirror…?

You deserve everything you get!

I hope this light hearted post made you smile… feel free to share with anyone else who is not the biggest fan and little cynical about scary movies 😉

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x



  1. Naomi
    21st October 2018 / 23:17

    I really enjoyed this! Such a funny way to look at scary films! (I love a good horror, but my sister doesn’t so I might have to make her read this after I make her watch one on Halloween!)

    I love all your content!

    Happy haunting!

  2. 24th October 2018 / 18:42

    HAHA! I don’t watch scary films at all. Donetta likes them and we watched a few in the early days, but it’s been years now since I’ve let her watch one. My imagination is VERY active and I don’t need any encouragement. Most scary films are stupid and the victims do things real people would never do, however running like fuck and never looking back wouldn’t make a long film! HAHA!

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