The Crystal Palace character Breakfast review

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

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This was one of many ‘first time’ restaurants for us this Walt Disney World trip. We have never eaten before at Crystal Palace not through choice but more through ignorance….!  We only ever realise it’s there when we walked past it and see people queuing to get in so this year being on the Disney Dining Plan we decided to check it out.

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The Crystal Palace restaurant is located at the top of Main Street USA near Cinderellas castle and just past Casey’s Corner; we opted for an all you care to eat breakfast buffet and it didn’t disappoint.  We joined Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger for their friendship day celebration as well as helping ourselves to as many Mickey waffles as we could stomach…. #bestdayever!

We had an 8:20am reservation meaning we were able to get into the Magic Kingdom theme park at 8am. Unfortunately so could everyone else including those with a breakfast reservation at the very popular Be Our Guest so there were no cute empty Main Street photos unfortunately. Disney were actually filming something to be fair so even if we weren’t all being ushered towards our destination through the shops we wouldn’t have been able to stop and take any photos anyway.

We checked in, waited less than 5 minutes and headed into the restaurant. The environment was lovely – it’s truly beautiful inside.  I mean it’s lovely from outside too but it really is so open, bright, green and pretty inside too and offers table service too.

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review
Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

What is a Disney table service restaurant?

A table service restaurant usually means food service is served to the customer’s table by waiters and waitresses, also known as “servers” however as I’ve already mentioned this was an all you care to eat buffet meaning that although we had to go up to get our food ourselves; there was so much on offer and as always Disney offers a separate serving area for children.

They are allowed to eat from anywhere to be fair (I regularly pinch the kids tater tots!) but this specific area is lowered and is ideal for small children to just help themselves instead of having to rely on their parents.

Although the server didn’t serve our food they were on hand with unlimited drinks and cleared away out plates promptly to go get some more food whenever we wanted.

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review
Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

The selection of food At Crystal Palace

Now I didn’t think there was a MASSIVE choice of food here but it was different to anywhere I had been before.  I mean Pooh’s toast for goodness sake (was not my kind of thing for breakfast but you certainly won’t get that anywhere else on property!).  I wouldn’t say it is the best character dining at Disney World per se but for sure one of the best in Magic Kingdom.

All on site breakfasts are similar I feel, if you aren’t that adventurous like me then you will be happy wherever you choose to go because they all have scrambled egg, sausages (patties or proper sausages) etc but if you are into trying new things that you will also be glad to know you will too find different things at every single restaurants.  That probably doesn’t make sense and it may seem in contradicting myself a little but what I’m trying to say is each one is different in their own unique way – don’t rule one out because you’ve already been to another because I guarantee there to be something there you haven’t yet tried.

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review
Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review
Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

The cost Of Buffet Breakfast In Magic Kingdom

$115.02 (not including tip) was the cost for 2ad and 2ch at the end of April. Disney do increase their prices at certain times of the year like Christmas and other holidays but as long as it’s not Easter, April is low season and so priced as low as it possibly can be.

It was the cheapest breakfast we had during the holiday… in fact the cheapest table service meal full stop and one of our favourites.  Ensure you pre book character dining at Disney World too … they get full very quick!

My son said he wanted to eat there every day of the holiday!  For sure it was one of the best Magic Kingdom restaurants we’ve been too.

Here’s the vlog from our first full day at Walt Disney World 2018 that features our breakfast in Crystal Palace…

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