How to maximise your annual leave in 2019!

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You know I’m all for money saving, ensuring good value for money and maximising your budget but did you know you can also fully maximising annual leave for this year too?

Not for everyone mine!  This may not work if you are one of the unlucky ones that have to work Bank Holidays but for those that don’t.. you MUST check this out!

Take less annual leave but get more time off!

How to maximise your annual leave in 2019!

When is Easter 2019?

You can get yourself 16 days off work in April, by only taking 8 days. This is thanks to the Easter bank holiday!

To do this request the following days off:

  • 15th April
  • 16th April
  • 17th April 
  • 18th April 
  • 23rd April
  • 24th April
  • 25th April
  • 26th April

How to maximise your annual leave in 2019!

May Bank Holidays

Ah May, the month of warmer weather and bank holiday weekends. Book the following off and you’ll get 18 days of hols by just using 8 days of annual leave:

  • 7th May
  • 8th May 
  • 9th May
  • 10th May
  • 28th May
  • 29th May
  • 30th May
  • 31st May

August Bank holiday!

If you book these dates, you’ll get 9 days off by only using 4 days annual leave:

  • 27th August
  • 28th August 
  • 29th August
  • 30th August

December & Christmas

If you get these 5 days off (before your colleagues!) then you’ll bag 12 days worth of hols:

  • 23rd December
  • 24th December
  • 27th December
  • 30th December
  • 31st December

So there you have it… instead of stretching your budget stretch your holidays!

But get in there quick before your work colleagues do too though!

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x



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