Meal planning Monday… fail!

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So I joined this meal planning Linky with the greatest of enthusiasm but half term arrived and we ate waaaay to many takeaways, Easter eggs and general rubbish! I just knew we would… I said we would…. we always do!  So not only this is a meal planning Monday fail posted on a Tuesday(!) it’s as big a fail as my butt right now !!

I’ve just bought the Reduce My Food Spend course by The Frugal Cottage in the hope I can make a start on it (again!) this week so be sure to go check it out and I will let you know how I get on next week.

I am going to do the old cupboard inventory again today (not anticipating much to have changed given the minimal cooking of dinner we did last week!) and most certainly nip to butchers (again like I was meant to last week!)


My plan for this week has been made a little easier with the kids heading back to school tomorrow and having set dinners cooked/made for them at least.


sausage casserole. I also batch cooked a load of cottage pie to freeze too yesterday to just bring out of the freezer later on in the week.


spaghetti bolognese / lasagne – I’m not a massive fan of spag bol but I eat it because everyone else does. It just seems so bland – I much prefer lasagne. I was going to try and make myself a lasagne today to pop in the fridge but I ended up doing the cottage pies!)


Jacket potatoes …. I also bought a powder chilli mix to make a small portion with the mince from yesterday. I intend to do a little bit to try on these jacket spuds today!


freezer food….! we are all loving southern fried chicken in wraps and home made potato wedges so chances are we’ll have that!


cottage pie (from the freezer made earlier on in the week!)


all you can eat buffet baby!!!! Need I say anymore….. it’s date night with friends today and I intend to eat, eat, eat! (Even though this morning I put my work clothes on and man they feel a tad snug!)


some concoction I reckon… whatever’s left!

I’m trying to make Monday my shopping day so mentally I can get back into our week being an actual week. I do feel we struggle massively as I’ve said before because of hubbys working patterns… but I guess we are lucky because I actually know what day of the week it is now; I had no chance when he was working 4 on 4 off #mindblown!!

Have you sorted you means for this week? What do you have planned?

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


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