Money Management Tips for newlyweds

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There aren’t many things in life that are more stressful than money problems because a lot of things I’m afraid actually involve cash! While a lot of financial worries are frequently blamed when couples divorce; don’t let it get to that! Before your relationship heads for danger, there are many things you can do to keep money stress from affecting your marriage.  Here are just some tips for keeping your marriage safe when money is tight!

Financial Advice For Married Couples

Talk about your money

Many couples try to avoid the topic because it causes stress and anxiety.  There’s no time to talk or it’s just not the right time. But in reality, the only way to eliminate that anxiety is to deal with the problem. 

It will relieve the pressure when you know what your situation is so it’s worth it 100% and once you understand your finances, you can make a plan to improve them.

Let go of blame

When you begin to discuss finances, it’s easy to begin blaming one another for problems.  Maybe one person has spent too much or another person has lost a job. 

Whatever the reason for your troubles, placing blame is not going to make matters any better.. you’re married now! You’re both in this together whether you like it or not!  It’s difficult, but you must find a way to handle your problems objectively without blaming anyone for them.

Get Some help

Sometimes it’s easier to deal with financial issues when you have someone else to help you.  A personal adviser, trusted friend or family member can help you to get control over your finances.  Having a third party will help you to be more objective and should be quite fair.  Another person can also look at things from a different perspective and see solutions you wouldn’t see on your own.

Share responsibility

When dealing with money issues in a marriage, both people need to work together to solve the problem.  It’s not cool for one person to take over the finances while the other partner is in the dark.  It might be a case of the other one not being too bothered which is fine but if you aren’t talking about the money situation either than you really need to either share responsibility or start talking. Even if you each have different tasks or roles, you need to make sure you understand what’s going on.  

Keep money issues separate

As I mentioned above, you might struggle to find the time to sit down and talk personal finances but it is something you need to do. Why not consider booking a ‘money date’ … you may want to arrange to meet with your spouse weekly or monthly to discuss finances.  But outside of those meetings, it’s a good idea to focus on other areas because you don’t want to spend all of your time focusing on a difficult stressful topic.  Instead, enjoy time together and set ground rules that money won’t be discussed at inappropriate times.

When you work together as a team to solve your money problems, you can actually come out as a stronger married couple instead of one on the rocks.  Money is stressful for any couple, but it really doesn’t have to be the cause of divorce!

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About The Money Saving Mum

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