Must see Home Alone film locations | fun things for kids in New York City

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One of the best Christmases we’ve ever had when 10 years ago when we spent it in New York City. This was pre kids though and although we’ve wanted to head back to New York every year since we never have…. until 2019! Nope … no Disney World next year (wow shock horror!) but we are very much planning a trip back to the Big Apple!  We have been looking at things to do in New York with kids and what’s actually realistic with small children in tow. I doubt they’ll want to just walk around taking in the scenery so we are looking at trying to visit notable areas that we’ve all seen in films so I’ve been researching must see Home Alone film locations and fun things for kids in New York City.

Things to do in NYC with kids

New York at Christmas | must see Home Alone film locations!

I very much doubt whilst the children are small and we have Santa who pays us a visit on the 25th, that we will ever stay again over Christmas Day however we are just as excited to spend a few days in New York in the run up to Christmas at least.  PLUS the majority of these activities are FREE too so win win!

We really want to do the ice rink on Central Park … not sure if it will happen and we might end up being exactly like Harry and Marv but I’m sure the rink will have something that will help them both on the ice!

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge (the bridge Kevin arrived in the city via) on Christmas morning the last time we were there; and it’s free so right up my street!!

Obviously we can’t reenact the World Trade Center scene where Kevin was filmed alone at the very top looking over the whole city but we will certainly be paying our respects and will head up to both the Rockefeller Center and the Empire State which to the children will be similar.

The Plaza Hotel will be top on the list too… we probably won’t go in because I want them to keep their movie imagination going for as long as we can and I know from heading it before that it’s nothing like the film so don’t want to confuse them.

Central Park is somewhere I want to walk through again for sure. I want to find the bridge where the Home Alone bird lady was for most of the film and the terrace where the fountain is.

There is obviously Times Square too, which I don’t recall features a massive amount through the movie, and also the Rockerfeller Christmas tree is where Kevin is reunited with his mum.

If you have any hints or tips on trips to New York City with kids then feel free to share!  It will be the closest I think we will get to for a fair few years to a New York Home Alone Christmas.

Other film locations that I will using to create our ‘must see’s’ include Friends and Elf. I will be sure to share with you another time as to what we’ve decided to add to our list of things that can be found in Elf… and no it doesn’t include getting run over by a yellow cab don’t worry! 🙂

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