My personal trainer experience – Hurricane Fitness, Brough

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About 5/6 weeks ago I woke to a message request from a PT on Facebook saying congratulations and asking when do I want to get started…. I honestly thought it was just one of those spam things and didn’t initially reply ?

A day or two later my friend messaged me saying ‘congratulations you’ve won’….. I was like whaaaaatttt??

Now don’t get me wrong, although I am themoneysavingmum I am NOT someone who enters competition after competition in the hope I will just win something… anything(!!) – I genuinely only enter giveaways etc if it’s something I am actually interested in or that we as a family would benefit from…. I don’t have the time to do comp after comp after comp just in the hope I will win something at somepoint!  If I’m not I interested I’ll happily leave it for someone else but this one I had just completely forgot I’d entered…..

I had only gone and won 5 x PT sessions!

First session was booked in a week later and that morning I made my way through a nearby village expecting to see some big signs for the gym… somewhere! Nothing…. I was lost! I ended up driving into a train station, drove past the same off street entrance probably 3 times before I noticed the sign down a back alleyway ‘Fusion Fitness’.

Little nervous I headed on in.

Now my friend who trains with a lady at the same gym had already forewarned me that it’s certainly not the most shiniest gym I will ever step foot into (she also told me to park in a nearby pub car park but I seemed to ignore that piece of advice, parked on the road and came out to a bleeding parking ticket on my first session ?).

Even before she had said that though I had noticed on their Facebook page two posts which immediately made me realise this wasn’t going to be like your big multi million pound gym chains with all their clean, tidy, shiny equipment (that said the big chain gym I am actually a member of hasn’t actually changed their equipment in the last 10 years+ when I was last a member!) BUT the more I’m going to Fusion; the more it feels like that’s exactly how a gym should feel.

I wouldn’t say I’m a stranger to this ‘keeping fit’ malarkey but I’m not consistent enough (working/family life puts a halt to that whether I like it or not!) and if you are a follower of my family vlogs and our social media accounts you may know that at 10pm on New Years Eve last year I crazily rejoined the gym; the same gym both me an Alex was a member of over 10 years ago but I haven’t ever had a personal trainer.

I have never thought I could possible afford one, nor felt the need to have a PT to be fair – when me and A got a house we cancelled the gym and bought some fitness equipment with the intention of doing workouts in the shed/garage/loft ….. yeah well that didn’t happen ? I’m lying actually… I’ve probably done a ‘workout’ using the equipment about 5 times in 5 years!!

I then had Zac and everything went to pot; new baby, new parents, Alex was made redundant (voluntarily!), then lost his next job; got another job; I went back to work; reduced working hours, nursery fees…….. kids!!!!!

I’ve been to small ‘mummy’ fitness classes once H was born which have been quite personal but still not one on one – it’s also helped with my confidence so soon after giving birth to H given that it was ran by a lady.

This was the one thing I was a little wary about before my first session having a PT session with a man!!

I needn’t have been worried though; James is fab! He’s just like a girlfriend (hope he doesn’t see this…. I’m not calling you a girl James!) but even he has said it’s like a hairdressers in there sometimes; we rant, we talk business, fitness, family, work it’s so far from being uncomfortable it’s awesome!

The workouts though ? oh my days I’ve never done anything like the things I’ve done during these sessions in my whole life!

Usually during a workout I ache a pinch or struggle with my breathing and I just stop. I know it’s at that point I need to carry on because the workout is doing what it’s meant to be doing! …. that’s where having a PT pacing the room, counting you in/down, timing you is fab – you don’t have to do any of that you just have to keep doing what you are doing until you are told to stop (even though I do have a pet hate of counting ALL my reps!)

As I mentioned I am in fact a member of a gym (which did make me feel a little bit of a guilty when I won the PT sessions to admit to James!) but at just £21/month; taking the kids swimming two times a month means it pretty much pays for itself but having a PT is such a different experience. I’m doing exercises I would never have attempted before unless someone told me to and showed me how to do it… !  Thats not something I particularly like to do at the gym in trying new things – I will just go on a cross trainer, do some interval training on a rower and have 10 mins or so on the treadmill… that’s me done! I feel a little embarrassed going on machines that would probably help or asking for help because I feel like there are people around just staring, watching and laughing to themselves!

At Fusion, for example, I’ve been using ropes that make your shoulders feel like you are lifting a giant…. I’m using trampolines (when I eventually get my head around the footwork (I’ll never be a dancer!))… I’ve been using boxing bags (that’s probably not even the word for them but you will know what I mean!) and I’m lifting a bar with weights on the end (again far from the ‘gym talk’ name for it I’m sure!) something I would’ve only ever thought were for the big posing men in the mirror at the gym – I would never ever go into that area ? !

I feel sooo much better utilising allll the equipment that Fusion have than what my gym has 100% … it might not be the most modern equipment, it might be just a mat or stepper or even a piece of rope but honestly I am gaining sooo much in so many ways from having the support and guidance from a PT.

It’s also helped with my structure and consistency too – being a member of the gym I will just go when I feel like it, if I don’t then I won’t. Having a PT waiting on you is a really good motivation… I hate letting people down and so would never ever cancel or not go if ‘I didn’t feel like it’ – ever! It’s only myself that I’m letting down if I choose to not go to the gym but when it involves someone else I’m very loyal and will not let them down.

Here is my body analysis from my first session to my last session;

…although my weight hasn’t gone down and has actually increased sightly I have lost fat and gained muscle which although a little disheartening with the increase in weight – its really not a bad thing at all.  I haven’t necessarily been watching my diet either – I have cut out any sugars after my tea but that’s pretty much it.

I have loved the past 5 sessions with James and am genuinely gutted it’s over!

Unfortunately right now I can’t afford to continue with any more sessions but the minute I if I do come into a little bit of money I will be back for sure! It was a brilliant taster and something I would LOVE to continue with….  I just really wish I had found him before my wedding in 2015!

I am really tempted to go to one of their boxercise classes on a night too; since doing boxing for the first time in my life during these kind of sessions are something I’ve realised I actually really enjoy!

I would never have even thought I would be ever in a position to experience a PT session let alone 5 but it’s really changed my ways of thinking as far as fitness is concerned and the reasons PT’s charge what they do.

James runs regular Facebook giveaways over on his page so go check him out here and if you’re local get entering… won’t be disappointed!

Kirsty x


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