My top 3 cashback money saving apps!

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Yes I am one of those women who at somepoint during the week visits nearly every supermarket there is…. I tend to get my main shop from Asda; pastries, breads, desserts etc from Aldi, meat from Morrisons and then Sainsburys for whatever I forget as its my closest supermarket 🙈

It’s only actually within the last 6 months that I actually found out about, downloaded and started using cashback apps…. before then I used to get sick of having to go to four different supermarkets in a week but now I have these I have an excuse and reason to go and stock up!

The first one I’m going to talk about is shopmium; this is the app I feel is the easiest one to use out of all I am listing today. It finds my location and lists the stores nearby that have any deals.  It is really easy to read and use; you can choose your categories such as groceries and beauty aswell as narrowing down to specific supermarkets for example if you know you are going to be passing a certain one you can find it on the map and click to see all their specific offers that are available rather than having to manually filter and read into every offer on there. I like that it’s mumsy & pink too 😬 !

I also love that Shopmium also allows you to scan products you come across to see if they are eligible for cashback; before I knew about shopmium I regulary came across items I have presumed are those listed on an offer only to find out that it is the wrong size or flavour… this app has a section on each off that allows you to scan the product to double check for eligibility which is great.

As with all of these apps I’m talking about today you will need to save you reciepts, photograph clearly and upload it to the app in order to get your cashback. The guidance is very simple and easy on what and how to photograph.

I have this week claimed from Shopmium on three items at Morrisons; some gluten free sausages that should’ve been I think £2.50 but I got them for £1.50 and two little dish pots for free  (£2.30ea these were). I just scanned the product, took a picture of the receipt and received mortification shortly after that I should receive my cashback soon 👍🏻

So how do you fancy your first freebie…. just download the free Shopmium app (make sure it’s the app it won’t work if you just do it online on a PC or the like!) search Shopmium in the App Store or via pop in my referral code: KMFHUAFN and get yourself a free gift! If you sign up during the Christmas period and get yourself a free Lindt reindeer!! Usually it’s a free bar of green and blacks chocolate 😍 either way it’s FREE so do it now!

The second app I’m going to talk about today is Checkout smart; you get with this app too just like Shopmium notifying you of new deals too which is good.. I’m sometimes to busy to click on apps to see what’s there but with me getting an email notification I am prompted to have a look if there’s something that catches my eye. Checkout Smart is a lot more like a cash back site than Shopmium I feel in that you don’t get the money back straight away – it’s banked until you reach a certain amount (as if writing this it’s £20.00). You can withdraw a lower amount than £20.00 however you will be charged a fee so I just leave it until I have reached that. It’s not ideal having to lay out the money to get the cashback then not actually get the cashback straight away but it’s ok I guess and the more you use the quicker you can withdraw I suppose!

Checkout smart also allows you to filter out shops and  favourite items too which I like.

My last recommendation for cashback app is one by Quidco and it’s called ClickSnap. Again like those I’ve already mentioned you can filter supermarkets but these don’t have half as many available as the previous two apps. This one neither allows you to check if the product you think they are talking about is the correct one in that they don’t have an eligibility scan available so just double check the descriptions. This app is good if you have a quidco account though as it’s all connected which is handy; if you use quidco you will probably find this one works quite well for you.  If you aren’t already signed upto quidco I would probably say first off sign up to them here – then go download the app and sign up using your quidco account. It just saves you having two accounts and you then get the cashback in one place for both. If you also use the link I provided above you will get 50p added to your balance to start your quidco fund off 👍🏻👍🏻

With all of these apps just make sure you read the ‘small print’ and I don’t mean that sneaky text that’s hiding; their terms are right there on every offer, just make sure you read it thoughly to make sure you have gotten the right thing, the right weight, the right quanities – you can’t just go buying 50 million packs of sausages… they do restrict you! don’t buy a ton thinking you are going to get it all back when it’s extremely unlikely you will!

Which shopping cashback apps do you use/use the most? For me it’s most defiantly Shopmium but the others are defo worth having for sure!

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Thanks for reading

Kirsty 😘 x



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