Premier Inn Manchester Airport Runger Lane South & why you should never judge a book by it’s cover!

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We are just back from a two week stay at Walt Disney World and as always when flying from an airport, we are extremely paranoid about getting stuck in traffic and missing our flight so this year we followed suit and again chose to stay in an hotel the night before our flight, only this time it was the Premier Inn on Runger Lane South.


In all the years of travelling from Manchester; we’ve only actually stayed at one airport hotel that was located just minutes away from the terminal and that was the Clayton Hotel (formerly Bewleys).

We usually stay in the Travelodge beside the Trafford Centre mainly due to its price but we also feel being located so close to such a big shopping centre gives us somewhere to sit down, eat a nice meal the night before our holiday and pretty much start as we mean to go on.

This year though we opted for one closer to the airport again.  The price wasn’t much more than the one we usually stay in at Trafford Park and as nice as it is to have a meal and do a bit of shopping (Disney shopping!) the night before; it’s still a good 20 minutes from the airport with delays still very much possible particularly at rush hour! (oh & and we end up spending money!)

Because of that and the fact that in the build up to this holiday hubby was working until lunchtime the day before we flew, the kids were in school until 3 and because of that we wouldn’t be setting off until nearing teatime!  We really didn’t see the point in staying around Trafford Centre this time so chose the Premier Inn on Runger Lane South.

First impressions…

‘oh nice we chose the crappy one’ … those were my exact words as we drove up and we realised that there were two Premier Inns a stone throw away from each other and ours was the one that looked like it hadn’t been updated for 20+ years!  Brilliant!


Oh well it’s booked.  It’s paid for.  It’s a bed and roof a over our head for the night right… note to self: just remember to book the other one next time!

We walked in though and was pleasantly surprised… the inside (apart from the tiny windows!) gave no resemblance to how dated it looked on the outside.

It was a standard Premier Inn, nothing fancy, but clean, tidy, nicely decorated and everything you need for a night away!

We had a family room.  Two double beds, a separate wash basin to the bathroom which was a little weird as it was in the same room as the bed (pretty much next to it in fact!) but the room itself was extremely spacious.  There wasn’t a bath though which I thought was odd for a family suite, just a shower.

We were on the second floor and as I mentioned previously the only complaint I had was how small the windows were.  They were tiny!  Oh and the room was extremely warm but every Premier Inn I think I’ve ever stayed in has been like a sauna come to think of it!

There was a fan to hand but I don’t really like using it when I’m with my 3 year old daughter incase she is tempted to touch or go close and gets her hair stuck in it!

How close is it to Manchester Airport?

The hotel was just 2 miles away from the airport which was a breeze!  There was no running the risk of getting stuck in traffic on the motorway in rush hour because there was no need to even touch a motorway!  I think we ended up going a back way into Manchester Airport passing along the way various JetParks car parks.

With the hotel being just 5-10 minutes away from the airport itself even meant we even had a lie in because we were so close!

You can check the vlog of which this hotel was featured in below;

Have you ever stayed here before or even at the north one? What did you think?  Have you ever had dinner at a Premier Inn.. what did you think?  Unfortunately they couldn’t accommodate for us for that evening so we can’t comment on the food.

Thanks so much for reading!

Kirsty x



  1. Angela
    17th May 2018 / 19:17

    Just wondered whether you had to pay for parking at the Premier Inn?

    • themoneysavingmum
      18th May 2018 / 13:13

      Yep we did – thanks for reminding me to pop it in this post. £10 if I remember rightly!!

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