Signs and symptoms of depression and my experiences

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There is for sure a massive stigma for ‘being depressed’ but let me just start this off by saying it’s not something people choose to be!  Seasonal affective disorder is creeping up on many what with the dark mornings, evenings and just all round lack of enthusiasm to get out of the house because of the cold, damp, depressing weather.  Today I’m sharing with you 6 signs and symptoms of depression and things you should look out for before it’s too late.

Signs and symptoms of depression and my experiences

Signs and symptoms of depression & how they affected me

Most people cannot recognise depression in themselves and is only really noticeable to some when having treatment.  If you know someone who these symptoms, speak to them.  Don’t always expect an understanding response because again some people would do anything to NOT be labelled as depressed.  This page set up by the MIND charity is amazing for friends and family to read if they think a loved one is suffering from depression.

Loss of energy

This was one factor in my depression for sure.  Not necessarily tiredness but more the energy to do ANYTHING.  The energy was there if I needed it but my brain didn’t want me to use it.  Someone suffering with depression might hide away from friends, relatives; might think of every excuse under the sun to avoid any social interaction.  I’m still like this at times.  I just want to be left alone in my own safe bubble of a home and although it’s extremely difficult to overcome; from an outsider point of view don’t just turn up on the doorstep of someone who is feeling this way!  That is NOT the way to help someone suffering with depression.

Feelings of worthlessness

I’m one that feels this also but then to others I am the most positive person you could meet!  If you want a boost or encouragement then I am your woman but to give that to myself takes a fair bit of effort.  It’s not something that you might notice in someone because it’s easy to disguise but something you worth knowing as a sign and symptom of depression. The feelings of worthlessness could also translate into the form of cleanliness, ‘I don’t need to look after myself, shower or brush my teeth; I don’t care what people think of me’.

Sleep disruption

Not something I personally struggle from at this moment in time (because I’m so bleeding tired!)  but I have struggled with it in the past.  My anxiety was the reason I suffered with sleep disruption because I was worrying about things I had no control over.  I put a pen and paper to the side of my bed and wrote down my reasons for waking in the middle of the night.  It got it out of head and I dealt with them, if necessary, the following morning.  Sleep disruption can mean that people can’t fall asleep or when they do it’s extremely light resulting in them feeling like they’ve never fallen asleep at all!

Signs and symptoms of depression and my experiences

Weight loss or gain

Extremely relatable to my experience (the weight gain element!).  Through not having the energy or desire to get out plus comfort eating; weight gain was something although I noticed it didn’t really effect me directly as I was quite happy while eating!  It’s so easy to not notice this one I feel until it’s too late and you’re super depressed about the weight on the scales!

Loss of libedo

I think the combination of all signs and symptoms of depression adds to this; the weight gain, the feeling of worthlessness, the sleep disruption and the lack of interest in anything that would give you pleasure!  It can be difficult too because the loss of libedo is a side effect of many antidepressants that people take so it may well seem like a never ending cycle!


Depression can kill.  There’s no two ways about it… if you’ve  recognised you’ve got all of the above yet feel theres no way out or you haven’t recognised anything at all and wonder what is wrong with you… the thoughts of death plaque 60% of depressed people.

I sought help.  It took a while and I was fortunate that I recognised my problems for myself.  I have had Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which although was directed at my anxiety, had also section of the course aimed at depression too.  If you think someone is suffering and you don’t know where to turn then check out the link to MIND charity I mentioned above for some advice.

I also mentioned my mental health struggles specifically with regards to self care particularly in a vlog and blog a couple of weeks ago… I’ll put a link to the vlog at the very bottom of this post but you can find the blog post here on how I’m making self care a priority whilst running my own business.

If you are feeling down, depressed or that life is no longer worth living then please speak to someone.

You can:

All will suggest, recommend and refer if necessary to the relevant agencies but please make that call… don’t suffer in silence.

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


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