Summer staycation essentials

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If like us you are staying at home or at least in Britain this summer then here’s my top 5 must have summer staycation essentials;

Summer staycation essentials

Picnic food;

The next time you do your shopping pick up something you can freeze in preparation for a summer picnic. We bought a load of stuff before the holidays started and have frozen everything. Scotch eggs, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and bread. We then don’t have to worry about things going out of date and will just get out what we need before we go.  We actually did it today when we headed up to the Yorkshire Moors… by the time lunchtime came everything was defrosted and ready to eat!  It helps too if you don’t want to plan and you just want to go on a spontaneous day out.. just stick it all in freezer bags and your lunch is sorted.

Paddling pool;

This fab weather we are having is amazing isn’t it and I’m so pleased we decided to go all out on a swimming pool this year. We’ve got a thermal cover, a regular rain cover (with holes in… no I don’t get it either!) and a pump. We’ve had to empty it and re fill it already though because we didn’t start as we meant to go on with the chlorine and pump and ended up with tadpoles in there ??‍♀️ . Now we have everything running through clean water from the off we hopefully won’t encounter and more water friends!

Summer staycation essentials

Local what’s on leaflet;

the kids usually bring discounted coupon books home that include ideas of what to do during the holidays but we didn’t get one this year oddly enough! We did however get one posted through the door which had a list of Council activities. I ended up booking my eldest on a week of intense swimming lessons through receiving this which I would never have even thought they would’ve done if I hadn’t have received that! Your council should too have a what’s on style booklet so give them a call.


I’m not quite sure why I’m putting this on here as we don’t do this because I don’t have a bike ???‍♀️ but when we were younger we used to go on bike rides with my parents all the time! It doesn’t cost anything (assuming you already have a bike…!) and when it’s cooled down on the night; it makes such a lovely family activity and passes the time before bed!  Same goes for a family walk though you don’t even need bikes… just make sure you head out when it cools down though of course and maybe take the kids scooters if not bikes?!


Get the kids to make a little scrapbook of what they get up to during the summer.  My son wrote tons in his today when we went out!  Let them share their travels with their friends when they go back to school .. it can also help them appreciate that you really don’t need to spend money to have fun!

I would love to hear what you have planned this summer … drop me a comment down below!


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