Tips to make your home more cosy this winter

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The dark nights are here, the snow is (apparently!) on it’s way and chances are you will be stuck in a lot more than ever before over these next few months.

Creating a cosy home!

The one thing I’ve struggled with the most since working from home is making sure my house is still a home.

I don’t know about you but I always go to other peoples houses and think it feels so homely. Cosy, warm and just so lovely.

We renovated a good 2 years ago now and although pre the renovations I felt like my home was too cramped, dark and depressing; I now sometimes feel we’ve gone to contemporary and lost the cosy feel!

This winter I’ve really tried my best to do what I could with very little money to not only help me feel like this house is actually a home but also to help pick up my mood.

Warm light bulbs

The first thing I did was make sure our light bulbs were all warm bulbs. We have LED bright white spot lights in our kitchen but I try to have them on as less as I can and have the drop down ones over the island on more and lamps as they make the room a lot more warmly. It’s crazy what light bulbs can do to the way you feel about a room!


Another thing I did was to burn some candles. I’ve been going through a faze since it started getting dark earlier around Halloween and I seem to be a tad obsessed with candles!

I purchased one of the Jo Malone dupes from Aldi before Christmas… I was (a little!) tempted by the humongous £20 one I saw a few weeks before but I have nowhere to put it!

A few family members actually had them as gifts in their Christmas boxes too so I’ve tried Lime, Basil and Mandarin (which my husband thinks reminds him of a smell at Disney World), Pomegranate (which is a nice Christmas smell) and the Rose one.

Living room rug

The final thing I do to make my living room in-particularly cosy is to pop the rug down.

The puppy has only recently stopped going to toilet on it so it’s not something we can keep down all the time but we have laminate throughout the whole downstairs now and I know the now lack of carpets has certainly reduced the homely feel.

I just feel that a place is so much warmly when there’s even just a bit of carpet!

I hope that’s given you a few inexpensive tips to make your house a little more cosy this Winter.

If you suffer with SAD these tips might help with that too.. anything is worth a try when the seasons have such a negative impact on your mental health!

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


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