Does Primark really give you value for your money?

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So the other day I nipped into town on the hunt for some new jeans.  To me there was just one place I needed to go and that was Primark.  I get all my jeans from there and have done for so long but for some reason something came over me yesterday as I walked by a Next Outlet store and I thought….

‘hang on a minute if I keep on having to buy new jeans, surely the jeans I’m buying aren’t really any good’?

s Primark really that good value for money?

So, I left the Next Outlet with the cutest pair of jeans I have owned for a long time…. a steal at just £10!

Ok so I did nip in to Primark and bagged myself some red tagged £3 jeans (ain’t nobody got time to complain about them!) but it really got me thinking.

I go through jeans like theres no tomorrow – especially the elastic waisted ones because I honestly live in them! They are so comfortable AND I can eat what I want when wearing them!  What with the lack of buttons or zips(!)  BUT the last couple of pairs I’ve had from Primark they’ve actually ripped on the inside leg.  Granted the grey pair I’m specifically referring too that it happened to only last week was probably because I was on the floor in some very awkward positions painting skirting boards.  But still they keep ripping in the same place!?

I don’t mind so much when they have red tags on them.  Unless I’m after something specific and in need of it there and then then the things I buy from Primark always seem to be red tagged to be fair.  But never jeans they are always full price ranging anywhere from £10-15 each.

The trousers I chose from the Next Outlet were just £10 down from £35.  Surely they are good jeans if they were originally 35 smackers right?? In addition to the jeans I too picked up some nice going out beige wide legged trousers too for just …. wait for it…. £2 …. yes 2GBPs !!! 

Will I go back to Primark?

I really don’t think i’m going to bother with Primark anymore.  I dread to think how many pairs of jeans I’ve gone through in the past year.  And how much I’ve spent!

I’ve mentioned before that being frugal doesn’t necessarily mean saving money it means spending your money wisely.  It’s very easy to get caught up in ‘bargain hunting’ & buying the cheapest version possible to ‘save money’ but buying cheap could result in you actually paying for it AGAIN in the not so distance future.

Some would say ‘it’s only a pair of jeans…  not like it’s your car’ but if you think about how many pairs of jeans I’ve gone through in the last few years?!

I probably could’ve bought a bloody car for that (ok maybe not but you get my point!)  ….. quality over quantity people !!

Thanks for reading,

Kirsty x

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  1. Gemma
    4th June 2018 / 20:20

    It’s funny you posting about this as I’ve just done something similar. Tired of them wearing thin way too quickly I went to next and got a pair from there. Only a few pounds more than I would have spent in primark but I know in two months I’d be cursing the primark jeans and having to pay out again.

    I don’t mind primark for the kids. They grow way too quickly to ever have to worry about wearing something out.

    • themoneysavingmum
      4th June 2018 / 20:22

      Very true about the kids I agree but then on the other hand I’m sure I see them shrinking more quicker than the kids grow ??‍♀️?

      • Gemma
        4th June 2018 / 22:06

        I’ve thankfully not had that yet lol. I’ve had the usual – my daughters black leggings looking more dark grey than black after a few washes but nothing has shrunk.

        I think for your every day classics as I like to call them somewhere like next is great (navy tshirt still going strong after 5 years) but for the “in fashion” the stuff I call throw away fashion they are ok.

  2. Laura Walker
    4th June 2018 / 21:03

    I’m in agreement I went in looking for a t-shirt the other week and ended up picking them up and thinking how thin the material was and it will soon have a hole in. I went and got one in next instead. The pair of jeans I’m wearing now are levis, picked up cheap in America but have had for 5 years. The children’s clothes I think seem to shrink

  3. 7th June 2018 / 20:54

    Totally agree with this. It’s hard to see when the clothes are so cheap but sometimes it is a bit of false economy. Thanks for joining #MondayMoney. Hope to see you next week.

  4. 9th June 2018 / 20:13

    I know what you mean, but then I have in the past paid £250 for a Ted Baker dress and only worn is 5 times. £50 cost per wear is not efficient! My best primarni purchase was a boobtube dress for £1.75. Now 4 years old and a standard for garden/beach sunny weather!

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