What I miss about going back to school (as an 80’s child!)

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Like most children in the UK the kids went back to school last week and it got me thinking about how much I miss going ‘back to school’!

Ok maybe not actually the ‘going back to school’ bit but at least preparing for it.  It wasn’t until secondary school that I really had to be prepared for school – primary you had everything there for you, you knew what class room you was in for most of the day, you had pens, pencils, rulers all in the pot on the desk whereas with secondary school came the introduction of diaries and pencil cases that you needed EVERYTHING in!

I am ridiculously organised… ok maybe not but I like to think I am and I do try really hard as if I aren’t they my anxiety is through the roof!!  This is why I think I loved the Filofax when I was younger.  I loved the Funfax sooooo much and Filofax-ing my new friends deets (making up addresses and telephone numbers but anyone who looked in my Filofax thought I had tons of friends!) was something I did every first day of the school year without fail!!

New term/new diary – rulering and colour coordinating my new time table – who didn’t do that as a teenager?!?  I was also someone who covered their books with wrapping paper too, did you do that!?  That was after I had covered it with graffiti though!  But putting IDST (aka ‘if destroyed still true’) meant covering it was wholly acceptable because it was still soooooo true right!??

New stationary – I crazily remember all the pencil cases I had when I was younger (I can’t remember what I did yesterday mind but I remember this!?)!  I had a small, probably not even a pencil length metal Take That one (I loved this pencil case and had it for years!!), a Pepsi can style one that always ended up full of ink inside from the pens without lids and a Walkers crisp packet one (don’t ask me what flavour!)

School dinners – I miss my Mum packing me up for lunch too as we couldn’t really afford school dinners but my dad every morning used to leave me £1 at the top of my stairs without fail (I used to be in the loft!) so I could go to lunch with my friends.  I don’t remember it getting me more than a meal and a packet of bite size digestive biscuits but I meant I got to eat my dinner in the dinner hall with everyone else so I was happy!  Gone are the days where £1 will get you your lunch though right!!?

Pencil toppers – I remember at one point too the troll pencil toppers being ‘a thing’ …. their hair was always something to keep you occupied whilst bored in class!  Crazy how things come back around though isn’t it – kids are going crazy for trolls at the minute!  Do you remember the Mask pencil toppers too that you got free in cereal!  Did anyone ever end up with the full range!?  Oh my gosh it’s all coming flooding back….. do you remember the Rugrats toppers too!!!!?

Corrector pens – Who remembers the pens that erased themselves!!?  Oh my days I loved them!  Unlike now, where already my 3 year old writes with biros(!) they were just as I started using pens in around year 5 and man those were the bees knees!!  I also remember those red Berol pens too that I learnt my handwriting with like it was yesterday!

Gel pens…. did anyone actually have a full set of gel pens!? I never actually bought a pack of gel pens as they were soooo expensive but I somehow always ended up with one or two of them in my pencil case…. no i didn’t pinch them but if we found one they were seriously like gold dust !!

Ah I love reminiscing…. what are the things that stick in your mind from your school days, i would love to hear from you!?

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