Mothers Day presents: what Mum really wants this Mothers day!

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A little lighthearted humour on the blog today… looking for the best Mothers Day presents… look no further than this post! 😉

Mothers Day present ideas

Mothers Day presents: what Mum really wants this Mothers day!

A lie in

Not a lie in that lasts 2 minutes before the arguments start downstairs about what colour bowl the kids usually have at breakfast time like a peaceful silent lie in!

Being able to lie in when you’re not here as well would be awesome… instead of getting up at 7am because you’ve ruined my body clock! (It’s because I miss you really!)

A hot bath

As much as I love you dear child no I don’t want to share a shower with you tonight and no I don’t want to freeze my boobs off in a cold, all tiled drafty bathroom (our bathroom!) I want a hot bubble bath, with candles, a face mask and warmth!!

Go to the toilet… in peace!

I’ve left the room for less than 1 minute. You’ve not spoken to me in 10 because you’ve been too engrossed in the Thundermans yet the second I go to the toilet you follow me like a lost sheepdog. LEAVE ME ALONE!

Stop doing what I ask you to do the first time I ask you to do it…

You know when you fall off the chair arm, or someone gets hurt from wrestling…. 5 minutes after I asked you the first time to stop before someone gets hurt. For the love on god just do it!

For you to wipe your own bum…

…properly for a change! #everytime

Make ME breakfast in bed…

.. instead of forcing me out of mine to make YOURS! Why are you so hungry the second you wake up in a morning? How do you go from being fast asleep to being wide awake and starving so quickly!

To have an empty wash basket!

..for more than 1 day! I would love all clothes to be put away too to be fair but beggers can’t be choosers right!?

Let me have the window sleep on an airplane with no arguments!

Unless you’re sleeping & sprawled out across two seats, comfy as anything, the only way I’m going to get a window seat is because of your sleeping position (that sleeping position that causes me to not be able to move for 4 hours granted!) but it allows me a clear view out of a window (a metre away!)

Someone to cook MY tea!

I want MY meals cooked… I don’t want to plan other people’s or the week ahead. I want some to meal plan and cook MY meals without me even thinking!

A dinner where we all have the same thing and I can eat mine while it’s still hot!

I love those nights… even if I do burn the Yorkshire puddings!

And lastly but by no means least…..

A Hug that lasts forever!


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