Why you should never pay to click and collect!

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A Facebook notification popped up from a fellow money blogger on Saturday evening as I was out admiring the amazing light show in Hull city centre telling me I was in the Daily Mail!  I knew it was coming but I hadn’t been told it was in and boy has it divided the nation!!  Here’s why I feel we should NEVER pay for a click and collect service!

Why you should never pay for a click and collect service?

A couple of weeks ago now I asked to make a comment over on a Facebook group about when people order above and beyond what they need to to avoid paying a delivery charge and I openly admitted to doing exactly that!

It does seem though that the more media outlets it’s reached the more realistic the story has become  as opposed to the original article.  Both The Sun and my own local newspaper have picked up on it too … this wasn’t actually to do with home deliveries though and was with regards to click and collect ONLY!  (Oh & by the way Daily Mail… I’ve never shopped at ASOS so that picture of a delivery note that apparently is copyrighted to me… yeah it’s really not!)

Anyway I digress and it seems I have invented a ‘hack’ !?  Who would’ve known that mentioning something that so many people do day in day out would turn into a ‘hack’?!

Any way my point was that I wholly refuse to pay a delivery charge for something that I am going to collect from a store myself, in my own car, using my own fuel and in my own time.  Why should you?  I mean the large stores will have I have deliveries if not every single day then every other day at least… therefore they are coming anyway – why should we pay for the ‘service’?

Imagine all those who click and collect paying an extra £4 delivery charge and them all being on one truck to the same place… I know thats the case at the Sainsburys near us because it’s the only one in this whole area!

How much money would they be making across the whole country from click and collects alone?!  I dread to think!

Do you know the high street stores that offer free click and collect options and ones that don’t?  Check them out below…

Stores that offer free click and collect



Asda George


Next (they even offer next day collect from store too!)


River Island

Argos (they even sell TU (Sainsburys clothing!) and happily have it in store the very next day to collect!)

Claires accessories


Stores that charge for click and collect

Sports Direct

….charge £4.99 to collect HOWEVER do give you a £5 voucher to spend in store which although you do have to pay a delivery charge for YOU going to collect it it you do get it back in another way.


….charge £1.99 click and collect or free over £50.


…charge £2 for orders under £30


…charge £3 for orders under £15 of which they say will be ‘next day delivery’ however this is their only option if your order doesn’t come to £15.  If it does go over £15 then it’s free but takes 3-5 working days!


…charge a massive £3.99 for orders under £15

Why you should never pay for a click and collect service?

I will just add again that this was NOT with regards to groceries or as I’ve already mentioned home deliveries… it is purely click and collect orders where again in my opinion you should NOT have to pay to go collect things yourself when the majority of these stores will have deliveries if not everyday then every other day.

If you want something delivered to your house or you require your goods the next day then I fully expect a surcharge to be added on there and if that is the case chances are you would happily pay for a delivery however if you are content with the delivery times quoted on click and collect and you are passing anyway why should you have to pay more???

I would love to hear what you think; if you are in agreement or not, is there anywhere else who offers the service for free that I’ve not thought of and would you ever be tempted to shop elsewhere because of a delivery charge…. because I know I would!

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


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