Why you should consider Outsourcing

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Why you should consider outsourcing is a blog post I’ve wanted to write about for a while …. it’s been in my drafts for way too long.. maybe if I had outsourced it it would’ve been published by now right 😉

Outsourcing doesn’t necessarily have to be related to business. You can outsource in other areas of your life such as hiring a cleaner or you could even ask your eldest child to wash your car and jet wash your drive for you over the summer… that’s outsourcing!

Why you should consider Outsourcing

Yes its going to cost you money to do so but the investment and your potential ROI (return on investment) could be so much more than you doing it yourself.  Not necessarily in the form of financials but the time spent with your family for example… priceless right.. ?!   Either that or just being able to sit back, put your feet up and be highly entertained by your 15 year old drowning in the spray from the jet wash you’ve just showed him 50 million times how to use 🙂 !

I am working with some lovely ladies at the minute that for one reason or another, have all found the need to outsource some of their admin work.  This allows them to concentrate on parts of their business that can potentially bring in far more money than they are paying me so it just makes sense right?

Not only that but allowing a fresh pair of eyes to look over your business, website and socials and/or provide constructive criticism can be such a god send when you’ve been staring something in the face yourself for so long.  It even allows things to be brought to the table that maybe you’ve never even thought about…. this input alone could be worth it’s weight in gold!

Some people find it difficult to let go.. I get that.  I’m one of them and is probably the main reason we’ve still not got a cleaner however once you do you will find immediate lift off your shoulders… even more so when your house is spotless and you’ve had to do none of it right!?

If something takes a lot of time for example blogging; what could you be doing with that time it takes you to upload a pin to a blog post or sort the SEO and research keywords?  You could be pitching to brands, you could be making money, double the amount of money you are paying the person you have outsourced too and of course the Brucey bonus that you don’t have to do the boring but 100% necessary jobs that you don’t actually like that much!

Why you should consider Outsourcing

I have a website but I don’t actually need it because 99% of my clients come from existing client recommendations which is amazing and tells a 1000 stories.  If you find that someone that you feel like you can no longer live without, that you feel like you known your whole life or even feel they do things better than you ever could without having spent hours trawling through 10’s of ‘cheap’ freelance workers on Fiverr then they’re a keeper for sure!  I will add there is nothing wrong with Fiverr, everyone has to start somewhere and it’s a good concept but if you are hiring someone you don’t know it might take time to find someone you click with.

I haven’t yet got that cleaner by the way but when I made the decision in my mind that I was going to the weight that was lifted from my shoulders was immense…. hubby was not that keen hence why we haven’t got one yet (he told me he would spend a day a week cleaning then proceeds to tell me he had man flu last week and that was why he hasn’t done so yet!) 😉

However big or small your outsourcing might be or feel don’t forget too that you’re helping some else out.  Be it in the form of paying your cleaner to clean your house so they can pay the bills or teaching your son or daughter how to use the jet wash = life lessons (DISCLAIMER… I can’t guarantee they won’t ask for money though so be prepared!) 😉

And if you feel you can offer someone something then go for it… ask someone if they need any help with anything in particular.  See an old school friend stressing on Facebook because their garden is over grown and they don’t have time to cut it back; see if they’d like your help.

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


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