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You will know from last weeks 5 frugal things that we have been on with decorating both kids bedrooms these last couple of week and let me just tell you how thrifty we have been!  Basically we haven’t bought anything barring the Marvel and brick wallpaper from B&Q oh and ceiling paint – we have reused our old kingsize bed for my 7 year old (I wish I had had a king sized bed at 7 years old don’t you!?).


We reused and papered over the front of some £5 Ikea units we bought when we first moved into the house about 10 years ago (they have to be my fave bit of the room I think!), the carpet was already in and pretty much brand new from again 10 years ago and although the loft had resulted in being pretty much a dumping ground we did have a plan to just have it as a spare room so popped a single divan bed and brand new mattress up there too….. it’s never EVER been slept on…. so this is now my youngest’s bed!

We, both me & my husband & for the first time since we owned a house together, have very recently gone through all our finances and worked out what we actually have to spend on the likes of shopping, takeaways, holidays etc.  It’s crazy to think we have gone over 10 years, and 2 children before we decided to do this – I didn’t even have a clue how much my husband took home each month and I don’t think he did me to be fair!  Bills got paid, we went on holidays, we put petrol in our cars, cupboards filled each week with food but we didn’t actually think about or have written down anywhere where we have been spending our money and what we actually NEED each month…. we just spent it (fortunately not over and above what we had!).

This week was the start of £55/week max Asda shop – when we worked out money, rightly or wrongly, we included a takeaway fund…. working parents deserve that and a whole lot more right 😉 so we said if we are having takeaway we have to make sure we have a budget for our weekly shopping.  This weeks shop came to £50 so I was super pleased with that!  We no longer get our fruit and veggies from Asda because they just don’t last and I feel I get so much more food for my money going to the greengrocers – we spend there about £10/week and thats for fruit and veggies to last us all, all week too! Did you see my disappointment this week too at arriving at Asda’s click and collect lockers to this mess…. I was already having such a bad day and then arrived to pick up my shopping to find this… you can check out my vlog of the day here  because honestly this wasn’t the only mess I was faced with!

On Friday evening hubby really really fancied a carvery… full blown yorkshire puddings as big as your head, chunky roast potatoes and the smoothest most delicious gravy ever; so we headed to Toby Carvery not forgetting to check the app before we decided though!  We noticed there was an offer for 2 adult carvery for £10 so we were on it like a car bonnet and saved ourselves £2.  Granted not a massive amount its better in my pocket than theirs right!  Although I do turn off my notifications on all my restaurant app’s because I would be just too tempted if we do plan to eat out anywhere I do check them before we decide where to go.  There was a kids eat for £1 each with every adult main meal purchased as well but unfortunately it had expired the day before 🙁 certainly worth downloading though just turn off those notifications !

Although it may not have been frugal as it was a necessary purchase this week but I am more so very proud of myself for supporting a small local business this week rather than saving money.  Z needed a mattress as soon as we possibly could for his new bed; hubby had looked on Dreams and another small Facebook business but I have to say I’m a little dubious about buying mattresses before actually trying them.  When I was out and about a few weeks ago I noticed a shop that I drive by every week; just a small family run store filled to the brim of mattresses.

I popped in and asked the gentleman what his cheapest mattress was that he had in stock – as I’ve said before I do not have an allergy or anything like that to spending money as long as I am getting value for money and I have to say the mattress he first showed me around the £60 was pretty rubbish but he did what I had asked of him right!?  He then took me to another part of the store that had rolled up mattresses; ones that I didn’t need to pre order and pay to get delivered but ones that  as it could [potentially] fit in my car!  It’s one of those with a thicker top/bottom than the opposite site perfect for both summer and winter AND it fit in my car!  My trusty little Fiesta never lets me down! It wasn’t cheap (£129.00) and I probably didn’t actually save a massive amount of money by not going to likes of Dreams, Harveys etc if I was to get like for like… but I did save as far as delivery was concerned AND I was helping out a small family business too so made me super happy this week!

Lastly, this week I went to the hairdressers!! Not particularly frugal you may thing but honestly this is very very rare! I must get my hair cut about twice a year three times max! A year or so ago now I started coming to hairdressers to lighten my hair. I would’ve loved highlights all over and a complete blond bombshell look but had to be serious in the sense realistically 1) I couldn’t afford to keep it up and 2) I didn’t have the time to keep it up either. I opted for a baleage look so I could keep my dark roots and it didn’t need doing all the time.

I pop a dye on my roots every now and then when I see a grey coming through but because I have my hair down most of her time it’s totally acceptable to me that I don’t cover the horrid greys at the back underneath because no one sees it anyway. This week not only did I get it cut but I got my hairdresser to freshen up the blond and just popped some highlights in there. I will pop a brown root on there in a couple of weeks but instead of it costing me £100 for the whole lot it’s cost just £60! When I’m going away and I know I’m going to be wearing my hair up a lot I will no doubt pop back in and have it all done properly before then but my frugal tip for this week is have a hairstyle/hair colour that’s maintainable to you be that as far as money is concerned or even if you struggle to have the time to go to hairdressers.

So how frugal have you been this week?  I would love to hear in the comments down below and if you too would like to join in with us by sharing what frugal and thrifty things you’ve been up to this week – even it’s just a picture of one of your #5frugalthings over on Instagram  we’d love to see them!

You don’t have to share five things you’ve done though, anything thrifty or frugal that you’ve been working on would be perfect… small steps and all that!

Thanks for reading & be sure to go check out the ladies I mentioned at the very start of this #5frugalthings link up for more hints and tips on saving money ?

Hope this helps!

Kirsty x



  1. 11th February 2018 / 13:48

    I had to give up colouring my hair because it was so time consuming and expensive. A £20 cut every few months – think how much I’ve saved 🙂

  2. 12th February 2018 / 11:24

    I am loving these frugal things posts…. so good to document it. I used to keep a money diary and I was horrified at what we spent and how we spent it (eating out 4/5 times a week, eek!) and I have just gotten out of the habit of doing that but your posts are inspiring me to start tracking our spending and try and cut back a bit, especially as we get half way through the month and wonder where all our money has gone! haha! x

  3. 14th February 2018 / 12:06

    Well done going through your expenses and getting in control of them. You will no doubt save a load as a result!

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