Chamas vs Estabulo | comparing restaurants in Beverley

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Hubby & I have visited Beverley near Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, so very often these last couple of weeks….. probably more often than we have in our whole lives put together!

So if you are looking for new places to eat in Beverley, you MUST check out these two all you can each buffet style Brazilian restaurants.

Where to eat in Beverley?

Chamas vs Estabulo | comparing Rodizio Bar & Grill’s in Beverley

We LOVE all you can each buffets; aside from the fact we are greedy sods we love the value for money you get at these style restaurants.

Chamas offers it’s lunch menu between 12-5pm and is priced at £15.95. Estabulo does the same only it’s between 12-4pm but is priced cheaper at £14.95. Dinner at Chamas between 5-10pm is £27.95 with vegan price at £24.95. Estabulo between 4-10pm is cheaper at £24.95 with their vegan price astonishingly cheaper at £12.95.

Child friendly restaurants near Hull

Kids eat free at Chamas if under 5 whereas they eat free at Estabulo under 4. Children aged 5-8 at Chamas are priced at £7, with 9-12 being £12.

Estabulo is cheaper for children at just £5.50 between 5-8 and £10.50 between 9-13 however these prices are lunch only.

Both restaurants children’s prices are whether you eat from the lunch menu and between lunch times or the dinner menu.

Vegan restaurant in Beverley

Both offer vegan menu at lunch time which is £15.95 and £9.95 respectively… again quite a big difference!

comparing Rodizio Bar & Grill’s in Beverley

Gluten free restaurant near Hull

They both cater for those gluten intolerant too just ask your server


Chamas allows each table a sitting time of 1 hour 45 minutes. Estabulo’s sitting is 2 hours and 15 minutes making it, for me, a little bit more relaxing I feel.


The salad bar is a lot bigger at Chamas than it is at Estabulo. There are a lot more variety as far as the sides are concerned.

At Estabulo you get the choice of 8 meats at lunch and 15 at dinner whereas Chamas offer more at lunch with 10 meats and 15 at dinner (+ pineapple!)

comparing Rodizio Bar & Grill’s in Beverley

Which did we prefer….?

Honestly…. both Beverley restaurants were pretty much the same. We can’t say we preferred one to the other as far as the food was concerned.  Both are really really good.  Really tasty, really nice atmospheres and make a really lovely date night or evening with friends.

That being said we did seem to get more from Estabulo. Chamas was just a slither of meat but were quite busy when we arrived; Estabulo visit was at the opposite time to be fair… mid week and quite late which is probably why we ended up with big chunks of meat as they were coming to the end of the night.  Estabulo also asked if we wanted anything specific and cooked us some more fillet steak specifically.  I have absolutely no doubt if  you want more meat (or less even!) you can ask for it … I did exactly that on when the sausage came out at Chamas!  So whichever one you go to neither will hesitate  in catering for your needs.


Pricewise Estabulo comes out top by a mile particularly with regards to the vegan options. Chamas’ limited sitting times doesn’t necessarily make you as relaxed as it should when dining out but I can see why they have it because it is a small restaurant.

Estabulo offer the military and public service workers 10% off from Sunday to Thursday which is a nice touch. They also offer 2 for 1 on cocktails for everyone from Sunday to Thursday which is nice too AND currently have a discounted midweek lunch menu at just £9.95.

Estabulo also offer a fish option too; lunch and dinner is priced the same at £15.95 and you get a fish dish freshly prepared and brought to your table AND the all you can eat meat option too.

Estabulo is again cheaper as far as drinks are concerned too but they are a chain with multiple restaurants around the country so that would help with being competitive as far as prices are concerned. Chamas is a small independent restaurant which in my opinion makes me feel that although I am paying more I am supporting a small local business which I do like to do.

Estabulo have a bar in close proximity to the dining area meaning you grab yourself a drink and then go to your table.  They allow you to drink draft beer/lager at your table too whereas Chamas don’t.  Chamas do also have a bar but they only allow bottled beer downstairs in the seating area and the bar is located upstairs.

I’d love to hear what you thought of either restaurant if you’ve been… drop me a comment down below!

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