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Tonight we headed to a newly opened public house located near to the Humber Bridge in Hull.

Pubs in Hull

It opened only yesterday so we were anticipating it to be very very busy; there weren’t many spaces in the car park available as we arrived but it was certainly of ample size for the restaurant (which is actually humongous – 340 people the local paper reported it can hold!) so there are people coming and going all the time so we did find one pretty quick.

Unfortunately i have no pictures of the outside because it has not stopped raining alllll day here in Hull … whoever says ‘its never dull in Hull’ is clearly a liar(!) but i will pop back at some point to get some lovely shots in the sun because it’s a really beautifully placed pub in a fantastic location.

We headed on in and it was just as busy as I imagined it would be given it was only the second day it had been open to the public. We waited to be seated for probably less than a minute.  There were a few tables and people being moved around as we arrived so we were lucky enough to not have a wait and hovered around until they had cleaned up a table and headed through the first alcove you come to as you walk in.

Perfect Sunday Lunch near Hull

Hubby went up to get the drinks and pay for the carvery (you have to get a ticket) whilst me and the kids queued in the loooong carvery queue. I wouldn’t normally do that to be fair and queue before paying but because it was so busy by the time we made it to the front hubby had joined us with the tickets we had to hand over to the chef who served us our meat.

Although theres A LOT and I mean A LOT on the menu, a kids menu too AND a specials board(!) but we all opted for a carvery.  Alex chose to pay a £1 extra on both the adult meals to get an extra yorkshire pudding and two pigs in blankets with the two carveries coming to £13.18 and Z’s small carvery coming in at £4.99.  H, being under 3 although it doesn’t state an age on the menu, ate off our plate but was entitled to a small plate of her own for free to fill with veggies.

Like most carveries we have been to there were three meats on offer pork, turkey and beef; plus a ton of vegetables, two types of gravy, sauces and an extremely random a salad bar…something i don’t think i’ve actually seen anywhere locally apart from Pizza Hut…. nice touch though !!

The food on offer was soooo good!  It was hot, it was tasty, it was really really nice!  The only thing I was a little concerned and disappointed with was that for the first time ever at a Carvery (and we have been to carverys for many many years – it was like a craving for me for the whole 9 months I was pregnant with my eldest!) Alex found a bone in his turkey which I know can happen; its being carved of the bone for goodness sake!  But i will just say initially whilst they are still getting their bearings and getting used to cutting the meat, particularly if your children are getting meat, just maybe double check it before they start eating.

One thing I was looking forward to seeing here is the children’s area.  It had been promoted in the local paper as a family pub with no pool tables, sky tv’s; a very family orientated pub and you can tell that from the moment you walk in.  Unfortunately, even though we did have two small children, we weren’t seated close to the play area and it wasn’t something I felt comfortable with letting the kids walk through the restaurant, past the hot carvery, dodging people carrying hot food around to get to and from the kids zone.  Not only that but we also found the tables and chairs to be located very very close together and kids being kids someone is bound to come back crying(!) I know its not always possible to be seated near to the children area every time you visit but I would certainly ask if it would be possible to sit around there next time.

The play zone isn’t as big as i thought it was going to be – its big enough to give you a short break that is for sure or allow you the opportunity to eat your dinner in peace for a little while but i don’t really think the area NEEDS to be any bigger – I just thought there would be a few more things in there.

Theres three computer consoles each with two controllers, a grab machine, a television that i think showed films (it was just showing the credits whilst we were there), a tractor that the children could play in/on, wall activities and another computer console in the under 5’s are with games aimed at younger children.

There are a few things in there too that you have to pay to go on so again i don’t think the space has been utilised as it could’ve been – its a really really good space but i thought there would be more things for the children to play on. That said although it was very very busy today the play area didn’t actually seem that crowded which I thought was a good.

Now it was pudding timeeeee !!

Oh my days from the minute we walked through the doors our eyes caught the ridiculously sizes cakes in the fridge straight ahead of you.. they are massive !!  We chose to get some dessert to take away; the kids got an ice cream in a tub with a choice of sprinkles and sauce and myself and hubby got a Mars Attack and a Toffee Waffle cheesecake.  

We needn’t have got two though; our eyes were way bigger than our bellies…. easily a ‘for two’ pudding but it did give Alex an opportunity to try a couple!  They come in a plastic resealable container and asks that it is consumed within 24 hours.  The container certainly makes them easily transportable and very easy to eat  We had a little bit when we came in and refrigerated the rest because they are very moreish!  The two ice creams and two pieces of cake came to around £12 which I thought was really good value particulaly for the size!

We are already thinking about when to head back and will probably go with some friends but next time I think chances are we will probably choose something of the menu though.  As we were walking through the pub we took a peek at what others were eating we thought the portion sizes were really impressive !!!

Thanks for reading and as always I hope it’s been of use!

Kirsty x

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  1. Kim
    7th June 2017 / 19:51

    Food was ok wasn’t happy I stud at bar for 15 mins waiting to be served when we got to front of she lady said won’t be min and did t come back then ad to sue again for food and again for ice cream I will deep try it again but wait till the staff find there feet

    • themoneysavingmum
      7th June 2017 / 19:52

      You could certainly tell it was all very very new to them but I too would give them a second chance to impress 🙂

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