The Pink Pig Farm, Holme – Bug Week !!

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Last half term we visited the Pink Pig Farm located in Holme, North Lincolnshire not far from the Humber Bridge.

We have been before but having not been for a while we wanted to head back.  We certainly noticed on this trip that they seem to have done a fair bit of renovations since our last visit and the whole area looked lovely!


You enter the farm from a country lane just off the M180 its very well sign posted so you can’t miss it and has plenty of free car parking available too but in order to enter the farm and play area you have to pay your entry fee in the shop and receive a wristband allowing you to free to roam the whole area beyond this point (under 2’s are free).

The first thing you’re likely to come to once you’ve paid, is the large soft play area; this is where the cafe is too with tables and chair, toilets and changing areas.  There’s a coffee menu along with other hot and cold drinks available too. Should you want something to eat you can also do so in this area.

In the play barn there is an area for under 2’s and a bigger one for everyone else (barring adults I’m afraid!) 😉 although warm as I mentioned before it is a really good area with a large slide that the kids loved.

When we last came here we were able to do some crafts too; they didn’t have anything on today but I know they still do have the area slightly separate to the rest of the play barn to allow the kids to get involved in at various other times of the year.


To get to the outdoor play area and farm you need to exit through a secure door that is operated by the cafe; we were waiting a bit at one point for it to be opened as it’s the person behind the till that opens it but it’s a really good idea as kids are then unable to freely roam and wonder around in and out without their parents.

Outside is a massive grassed area with a tractor to climb on and drive at £1 a go, a ‘pump the water duck race’ (you have to see it to understand more about this ;)),  a biiiig sand pit with water, a climbing play area with a zip wire, a trailer race you can go head to head on and plenty of grass to play and run around on.

There are quite a few picnic tables too for you to eat your lunch on that you are welcome to bring in – we have done this on our previous visit and is lovely if you have the weather on your side!

Turning left out of the play barn will take you towards the tractor ride, the animal trail and a big wooden climbing frame with slide.

As you enter the animal trail, although you can’t actually feed the animals anymore, you pass the wash stations.

You also can’t get as close to the animals as you used to be able to either; between you and the animals that we saw there are two fences, the closest one to them was an electric one!  Not one that will knock you for six but one that will certainly give you a shock as it did with a pig whilst we were there!

As I’ve already mentioned, Pink Pig regularly have special events on particularly during half term and this week was no exception. Between 27 May through 4 June 2017 they were having 🐜 week; children were given a map and a passport whereby they needed to complete various ‘challenges’ throughout the farm in exchange for a stamp; fill the passport and you became a certified Pink Pig Explorer.

Because of this week being half term they’d added two additional attractions to the playing field… there was a biiiiig inflatable obstacle course that they kids loved and as part of bug week there was a water challenge area that allowed you to fire water balloons to each other to get another stamp in the passport.


For lunch we headed on back into the play barn. The kids chose a picnic style lunch and got to choose 5 things from the fridge for around £4.00… they each chose a Jam sandwich, Z a block of cheese, H a bag of sultanas, each a bag of crisps, a tub of jelly and two drinks.

I got a sausage sandwich which was really nice and Alex got himself a tuna and cheese panini – in total, including another carton of orange and a bottle of coke, everything came to approx £22.

We sat outside as inside the play barn area was really warm. There aren’t an awful lot of seats in here but is ample for a quick bite to eat. If you want a sit down more relaxed (and probably less children!) feel then head on out of the gift shop and over to the restaurant just across the way.

We’ve ate previously in the restaurant and recall it being a similar menu to the play barn cafe but it does have a few more things on the menu.

If you just want a small bite to eat though you can sit in (or just outside) the farm shop where you will find freshly baked goods, an amazing choice of meat, ice creams and smoothies too!

We only really noticed upon leaving the farm that they also have a new aerial trail on site now aswell! It’s not included in the farm admission or is actually within the farm itself but it is totally walkable from the car park and looked really cool. It’s priced at £13pp and is definitely something we could consider doing next time.

We love Pink Pig Farm; although I feel the farm side of it has reduced quite dramatically but they have renovated and reorganised the site quite beautifully. The location isn’t that far off the motorway and just 10/15 minutes from the Humber Bridge.

I do have a couple of negatives points though; two of the toilets that we visited had ran out of toilet roll (it was due an inspection as per the notice on the back of the door so i’m sure it will have been filled up soon but particularly at busier times i feel it maybe should’ve been monitored more). Also, as I have already mentioned, the fact you can no longer get close to the animals or feed them is a little disappointing too especially as thats is what the children expect when they go to a farm but no doubt the reason for no longer allowing that is probably down to some previous imbeciles doing things they shouldn’t !!  They certainly don’t have as many animals as they used to; i’m not sure if thats due to the amount of change they have gone through over the past few years though as they do have a lot of land around to do so but i do hope they get some more!  Oh and i was also a little disappointed that they no longer offer ice lollies… we didn’t fancy an ice cream and as it was warm an ice lolly would’ve gone down nicely… they do offer healthy smoothies now though as i’ve mentioned.  Alex and the kids got a strawberry/banana and a salted caramel shake which they said was nice but i still fancied a fruit pastel lolly 😉

If you are wanting a lovely day out Pink Pig is certainly a nice relaxing place to visit (for the parents!) …. [money saving tip] take yourself a picnic/blanket and I guarantee the kids will just love running free outside for hours!!

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