Craft subscription box delivered to your door! by Mila and Pheebs

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Now we have our house in order a little more than probably ever before since having children and I have gone term time at work; I decided to make the kids a promise that now I’m off with them during school holidays we are to really make our time special.

Craft box for kids

Before, when I have taken annual leave during school breaks, all I’ve really done is used it as time off to do the things I haven’t had the time to do during a regular week. I know for a fact a lot of working parents do the same but it’s something that has really played on my mind for years and something that although has been totally unavoidable due to us being a very busy working family; that being said I cannot help but feel extremely guilty for doing so.

Well this Easter break has been the start of my quest…. the first major holiday we have had off together and one week in …. yes we are all still alive 😉 !!!!

Craft subscription box

A few weeks ago we were very kindly sent an a craft subscription box from the lovely Alexis over at Mila and Pheebs and because it was their Spring box I intentionally saved it for the children to do over this Easter weekend and boy did it go down a treat!

It came in a sturdy cute box that fit perfectly through the letterbox so I didn’t have to be in for delivery.’

Alexis, the owner, founder & a Mum herself to twin daughters, has done so well with the design of these boxes; we opened it up and the bright colours and fabulously easy to read design of the ‘what’s in your box’ leaflet appealed to the children immediately and got them even more excited about what types of crafts Mila & Pheebs had arranged for us to do!  

Before we had even gotten to the crafty bit though we had already learnt a little about Hedgehogs in the newsletter that was too enclosed in the box – loved that little addition!

This craft box for kids kept us busy for a good hour and half on the Friday and we had only done three activities!

We made a mosaic wand, a bee design note pad and THE cutest daffodils EVER…. they all looked fab alongside the Easter tree and eggs I had put on display that morning.

On the Saturday we continued with the crafts and although the kids would’ve probably have sat there all day and done them all in one go on the Friday; I actually wanted to break it up for them so they had some to do over the whole weekend.

Alexis has done so well putting this whole concept together.  I LOVE doing crafts; I actually found doing the mosaic duck very therapeutic but then it’s the storage of the crafty things that you have to think about, researching on what you actually wanting to make before you even go out trekking the shops for the things you need oh and spending waaaay to much time on Pinterest!!  I just love that these come to your door ready with everything you need for that crafting day with your children (or even grandchildren) for a very reasonable price!

Monthly craft box

Mila & Pheebs offer five options as far as their craft boxes are concerned:

  • One month rolling subscription – £12.99/month
  • Three month subscription – £34.99
  • Six month subscription – £69.99
  • a rolling sibling subscription – £21.99

You can also buy one off boxes if you are just wanting something specifically for just school holidays or as I say you are a Grandparent expecting your Grandchildren for a weekend…. a one of box with no subscription is just £10 (+ p&p).  One off boxes may not be the same boxes that are available in the subscriptions though just to make you aware – for example we got the Spring Box a couple of weeks ago which, given the current season I imagine is a standard subscription box for all March subscribers.  Alexis has 6 one off boxes at the minute on her site including a ‘wonderful woodland box’ which I am actually quite tempted to buy for our end of year trip to Center Parcs!

Mila & Pheebs also offer loads of other cute stationery things over on their website so be sure to go check them out.

If you want to check out our easter vlog where we got stuck right in with our Mila & Pheebs box then you can check it out here:

We loved our Mila & Pheebs monthly craft box and sure you will too – we can’t wait to get stuck into another !!

Kirsty x


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