Tips on Working & Balancing Your Household

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Some will be reading this and thinking… ‘whaaaat?  You mean it’s actually possible to balance your household whilst working?’  I thought exactly the same when I was working in a corporate environment!  I’m fortunate now to be working from home but I still have struggles with balance.  It helps massively that I am at home more often than not and I can stick some bleach down the toilet when I go to the loo and wipe down the sink when I was my hands but if you would like 7 tips on working & balancing your household then read on!

Tips on Working & Balancing Your Household

Meal plan

We’ve all got to eat but if like me you are just creating concoctions of meals with the majority of which being freezer food I am with you!  I created a printable that you can all, as a family, list everyones favourite meals.  I call that stage 1.  How much further you want to take it is entirely up to you; stage 2 would be shopping for your list and then batch cooking where possible but even just taking that first step to elevate you having to even think about what’s for tea will help massively.

Make the mornings easier

If you don’t already be sure to get everything ready to go the night before.  Packed lunches can stay in the fridge overnight, PE bags, book bags and jackets can be hung on the front door handle ready to pick up as you leave and shoes on the mat can literally be slipped on.

Tips on Working & Balancing Your Household

Share the chores

This may not go down overly well but explain to those in your family that the more often everyone gets involved the more fun family time we ALL have.  You cannot do everything yourself.  You are a team.  Create a rota or a list of chores that need doing per day/per week and ask which one people would like to do.  They have to chose one… there’s no getting away from it!  Be sure to add on your chore list the ways you can make the mornings easier.  The kids know what they need to take to school the next day so get them to make sure they have their PE kit on the door ready to go as they walk past it to bed.

Be firm

Whilst we are making tea my children set the table, get their drinks and sometimes(!) empty the dishwasher for me… if they don’t make their drinks of set the table they don’t have a drink with tea of have anything to eat there dinner with… simple!

Tips on Working & Balancing Your Household

It’s not always easy and sometimes a challenge especially if it means them having to put the iPad or Playstation controller down for 5 minutes but they do do it every night pretty much without fail… otherwise I ‘will come in there and turn it off’! 😉

Be motivated

It’s sometimes difficult to be motivated by your loved ones who also works full time because they probably can’t be bothered to do what you can’t be bothered to do either!  I am loving all these ladies who are popping up, particularly on Instagram, helping people with their cleaning regimes and so much more.  There are some that you will not be able to relate to.  Some you may even resent (yes resent!).  There are a few out there that are sharing with you hints and tips on ways to organise your home and life but 1) don’t work 2) don’t have children and 3) live alone in a pristine house that probably requires no cleaning whatsoever!  Don’t get to disheartened just unfollow and find someone else.  I follow #TeamTOMM she is a working mum who is realistic in what parents can achieve as far as balance and organisation is concerned.  Check her out on Instagram….

Track your time

The organised mum has a 3 level cleaning routine level 1 being every day jobs, level 2 being specific tasks (limited to 30 minutes!) and level 3 Friday focus.

Tips on Working & Balancing Your Household

I don’t know about you but when I start cleaning/tidying I always end up starting on something else.  I will start to just give the living room a quite 2 minute tidy up the living room and then end up moving the sofa and mopping the floor.  I don’t need to do that… I could use that time to probably tidy every single worktop, table, sideboard in the whole downstairs.  Team TOMM is all about routine and consistency… the longer you follow the method the cleaner you’re house will be coming and it will be easier and quicker to clean.

No housework on a weekend

Now this is hard… but it’s something I try and aim for every week (and fail even working from home!) but wouldn’t it be nice to do all your housework during the week and not do a single thing (obviously apart from your level 1 every day jobs; loading the dishwasher, laundry & wiping down the bathroom.  I WILL one day achieve this though.. TeamTOMM will make sure of that I’m sure!

Everybody see’s balance different.. what works for one might not work for another but I hope even if you take just one thing away from this post it helps you to create YOUR work life balance.  Also note it doesn’t actually have to balance 50/50… aim for life satisfaction not necessarily balance because chances are it will never be 50/50.

I hope this has been of help… if you got value from this post and feel someone else might benefit from it too then feel free to share 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


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