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Our Florida haul went live on our YouTube channel tonight guys….and let’s just say it took a fair bit of editing!

I think from filming to uploading was at least a week … I didn’t realise how much we had bought and I wanted to get as much info in there as I could about where things were bought from and how much for… phew thank goodness that’s done now! 😂

I wanted to just get a blog post down and talk a little more about where we got the majority of or bargains from this year.

Now the dollar rate (or pound rate I have no idea which way you say it but you know exactly what I mean!) is pretty dire right now – well it was when we went I think coming back and noticing on a few credit cards the highest rate we got was at about 1.25 – not as bad as it was just before we went but still not as good as it has been previous either!

But because of the poor exchange rate a lot of the things we bought over there probably ended up being a very similar price if we were to buy back home in the UK – we would’ve probably saved a couple of £’s on them but not as much as past trips.

I did feel that things this year were more expensive than ever in Walt Disney World though  – I really don’t think it was the dollar rate making me think this but even the orange juice is now $4.50 each…. I’m sure they used to be around the $2.50 mark!?

Because of this I think we both felt it made our regular trip to the Disneys Character Warehouse even more worthwhile.

Now if you’ve never heard of the Character Warehouse before then there are two local to the tourist areas of Orlando; one is located in the Vineland Ave Premium Outlets (south international drive) and another in the north international drive Premium Outlets.  Both are owned by Disney – whether they are franchised I’m not sure but they are still a Disney store and they sell discounted Disney merchandise. The store workers wear Disney clothing & they even sell Disney tickets I think too to be fair so it’s totally genuine Disney products and not like your touristy Bargain World with fake Disney tshirts etc – far from it!

I struggle to work out exactly how Disney choose to ship certain merch out to these stores – until this last trip I thought it was just end of line/season things that they sell at a massively discounted price but then this time I found something with nearly $10 off what I have been looking at for months and that are still actually being sold in the Walt Disney World stores!

I know it’s just one thing but I only noticed that because I knew I wanted it – there could’ve been more for sure but seeing that today made me think that there may not be any reason or rhyme to what they stock which makes me love them even more!

We got a ton of Halloween stuff from there too (see my vlog as to why we ended up with NON from the parks 😩 ) which we were very pleased with and was our main reason for going in any event in the hope they had shipped some over after Halloween.

The Warehouse is definitely somewhere I recommend to visit at least once during your trip to Orlando – in the future I think it will be one of the first places we visit and probably one of the last. They are regularly getting new merchandise in and both stores are different too which I liked – not massively but there were things in the North that wasn’t in the South and vice versa so again I would say certainly go to both.

The one located north of International Drive used to be a lot bigger than it was – we couldn’t work out if it had moved units or they had just cut the one they had in half – either way it’s for sure smaller than it used to be.

Be sure to let me know if you end up visiting and be sure to share with me your bargains…. you will know from my alias being the www.themoneysavingmum.com I am very much a bargain hunter/red tagged girl so this store is like heaven to me 😂 just be prepared to queue because it gets rather busy!!

Vineland Ave Premium Outlets Orlando

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  1. 13th December 2016 / 21:02

    Hello! I’m new to your blog but loving reading through your posts, all so interesting! I found your blog through your youtube channel which we love in our home…. we love our Disney holidays and have recently returned from Florida! I’m now following your blog x

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