Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Manchester Piccadilly

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We have stayed in quite a few hotels this year and every time I do, in addition to of course vlogging everything, I say to myself ‘I must write a blog post on this hotel’…..

Well here we throwback to our first trip away of 2017 to Manchester.

We took the train from Hull (child free!) and decided to upgrade to first class for the first time ever!  Alex had only been on two trains in his whole life (apart from the Pickering steam trains – I mean who HASN’T been on them…. really?!) but I soooo wish we hadn’t!  It’s a long story but feel free to check out my vlog from that day below and you will see why we will never EVER upgrade again via Virgin Trains from Hull.

Anyway I digress….

Being Hilton Hhonors members and the fact we were child less for the night we decided to splash out and stay at a suite in a Hilton.

The Doubletree hotel was located in THE best position for the train station – it was literally right across the road we could pretty much see it as we exited the train station.

Upon entering the hotel through the amazing revolving door (I love these!) we admired the beautiful tall windows in the foyer.  There was plenty of seating in and around check in and the restaurant including tables with charging ports/plugs too!

I walked to the dedicated Hilton HHonors check in desk and gave them my details – check it went very smoothly as being a Silver Hilton Hhonors member I had already been able to choose the location of our room so we were heading on up to our room pretty sharpish.

We headed on up to our room 1039 and of course opened to the door to ‘oh this room would’ve been sooo amazing with the kids’ …. typical isn’t it!  You have a night away and you just can’t stop thinking about the kids…!  Kirsty, for the love of god, just enjoy the suite style room, with separate living area, bath robes and the biggest bed we’ve probably ever stayed in with NO CHILDREN IN TOW! 😉

The room was amazing – floor to ceiling windows in both the living area and the bedroom, massive bathroom with a bath AND a shower, a table with seating (very handy and something you don’t usually get in hotels rooms!), fridge and two settees!

Upon check in we received a voucher for two free drinks in the hotel bar – this was a very very cute bar!  It wasn’t connected to the restaurant which I loved and it over looked the high street outside.

We woke the following morning as to be expected when childless…. at the crack of dawn…!  Yep no children in sight yet we still woke around 6:30/7am !!  I do think my body clock played a part but also those blumming trams !!   I’m not expecting sound proof windows like at Heathrow or anything like that but I honestly thought being as high as we would we wouldn’t be able to hear much street noise at all… unfortunately we could so my recommendation for anyone else staying here and one thing I will note for future trips is to try and get a room around the front of the hotel.  Granted that is the station side so maybe exactly the same but I would certainly give it a go for sure.

Breakfast is located behind the staircase in the foyer – we did initially get a little confused with breakfast as we had only booked continental (again totally free with our HHonors!) I thought the ‘grab and go’ in the foyer was our breakfast so we took a few bits to our room and few minutes later made our way back down to ask if that one croissant and a glass of orange juice was all we were suppose to get or we were on the list for a ‘proper breakfast’ in the restaurant.

Luckily we were on the list for the full continental breakfast (good job because we were starrrrving!) so we headed on into the restaurant that overlooks the businesses at the back of the hotel.

I wasn’t expecting much to be honest given it was continental but I was very pleasantly surprised…. there was so much on offer … AAAAAND they had nutella !!!

Now although we didn’t get the full English breakfast it was located in the same place so it was pretty easy to drool (not literally!) all over it and smell it too!

After breakfast it was time to head off – I would certainly stay here again particularly if we were arriving into Manchester via train.  I forgot to mention our reason for heading to Manchester in the first place… we went to go see the amazing Impractical Jokers at the Arena!  We had walked to the arena both ways (in the snow!) and it took about 20 minutes – it was down the main shopping ‘strip’ and on the way back, given a ‘concert’ had just finished people were too heading home and walking the same way to us towards the station; we found it pretty busy and safe in and around the area to and from the arena.

Thank you for reading & I hope it helps you decide on where to stay in Manchester!

Kirsty x



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