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Do you remember my Instagram post from last month of all these fab goodies I got for free AND my previous blog post about my favourite cash back apps….

Free food apps

Well as promised heres how you too can get some freebies WHILE getting paid for it too !


I have been a member of Red Wigwam for probably about 6 months now but i have only very recently been in a position to take them up on some of their jobs.

Who is Red Wigwam

Red Wigwam is a site that act like a recruitment agency for temporary jobs that range from 2 minute £6.50 ‘take a picture job’ in Asda to a mystery shopping job lasting 45 minute at Mecca Bingo but worth £28!!

Now I’m back from a near 3 week holiday to the states and I’ll be signing up to do some more for sure – infact I have 5 job opportunities on there as I type!

What I love about Red Wigwam

I love that they notify you via email of any matches the minute they are uploaded to their system too but don’t delay; if you think theres one of there for you or you know you are doing your weekly shop at said supermarket before the expiry date then click that red BOOK button asap and get your name against the job before anyone else does. Some countrywide jobs are gone before you even click the button to read more about it but local ones you may find are on there for a couple of days – no guarantee though!

I also like that Red Wigwam give you wage slips too – it makes making money a lot easier and allows you to monitor things i feel plus all the information is there to submit to HMRC as and when its needed.  They also deduct taxes and NI too which to me makes them one of the most trusted companies out there I deal with.

Red Wigwam is one of the easiest mystery shopping style sites I have come across – it doesn’t ask for the world once you’ve completed your assignment and it doesn’t ask for what colour shoes the cashier was wearing (not that any others do but some certainly feel like you have to be THAT observant with some!)

On my last job I did with them I chose to do a taste and test (not me personally as it was on dog food(!)) and all I had to do was complete my timesheet; upload my receipt using my camera phone, pop in my expenses (they tell you how much you get refunded for the product you are required to buy in the description before you book), list the date of the review and take a screenshot of said review on the supermarkets website.

I was paid within a couple of days!  Their site is super easy to use and everything is so self explanatory but if you do have any issues there is a ‘chat’ option on their site that they will be happy to assist through I’m sure.

Sign up for freebies….

If you too would like to sign up to Red Wigwam to see what jobs are available for you (and free food!!!!!) then check them out here.

I would love to know how you get on with Red Wigwam and what your first job is so let me know… mystery shopping is nerve wrecking at the start but honestly it gets easier 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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