My little ones first Barbie ……. the Barbie DreamHorse!

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We were contacted a month or so ago by Mattel who very kindly wanted us to review a brand new toy, the Barbie DreamHorse.

Of course we welcomed the extremely generous gift with open arms because, and if you are a fan of our family’s weekly vlogs then you will know, my little girl is currently obsessed with horses ever since taking her to a local open farm at the beginning of the year!

It also came at the best time what with the now endless Christmas toy adverts on the television; the only one thing she constantly has said she wanted from Father Christmas was a Barbie!

Barbie Dreamhorse review

It was on her Christmas list….

I was a little worried how she and my eldest would react getting something she has already asked Santa for as they don’t really get gifts like this unless it’s for Christmas or a birthday.  It did make me realise though that my youngest has had so many hand me downs that when I handed this to her alone and while her brother was busy elsewhere, it was just so special.

Being the same second born; apart from her dolls, a pram and a kitchen there isn’t much so far that she has received that my son hasn’t had if that makes sense so thanks so much Mattel for making a little girls dream come true and a Mum have a special memorable moment with her princess 🙂

Unboxing the Barbie Dreamhorse

We did a review and unboxing vlog over on our family YouTube channel which I will link down below but I also wanted to do a blog post to accompany too as it may help those parents decide if it’s something you too would like to get your little ones for Christmas.

The Barbie Dream Horse is a brand new innovative and tech enhanced toy as you can see in the video it reacts to touch and sounds and features more than 30 realistic reactions!

The horse can walk and turn 360 degrees or neigh and feed; it also nuzzles in response to touch and even nods yes or no when you ask it a question!

H is very loving when it comes to animals.  She’s the kind that wants to cuddle and stroke every single animal she sees; she’s loving brushing the horses mane and tail with the brush!

It’s such a cute toy and H hasn’t stopped playing with it since it arrived !!

I really hope this helps & thanks for reading !!

Kirsty x


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