How To Save Money On Wedding Gifts

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Weddings are like buses! You don’t get an invite for years and then 5 come around at once (but so does the expense.. and it’s not even you getting married!). You know going means buying a gift and money it’s not something you’ve necessarily budgeted for. How much should you spend? Where can you find a cheap wedding gift but not look too cheap?

Inexpensive Wedding Gifts

You’re certainly not obligated to spend a ridiculous amount, I would hate for someone to break the bank or have to go without food because they felt they had to buy me a present but polite etiquette does says you should not go empty handed.  So today we are going to be talking about how can you afford to give something special yet affordable?

Select the Gift Early

If the bride and groom have a wedding present inventory then be sure to get in there quick! With so many weddings, especially in the spring, registry items can quickly get picked over leaving you with little to choose or gifts out of your price range so be sure to be one of the first to choose something that fits your budget.

With the distinct possibility of going to two or three weddings in the same year even an inexpensive gift could add up when multiplied.

Be Creative

DIY wedding gift baskets

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Why not get creative and make something that’s personalised for the newlyweds.  It doesn’t all have to be handmade for example wedding gift baskets can be geared to their particular tastes and lifestyle. Although there are very few couples that need kitchen gadgets these days; you could fill a basket full with kitchen basics for example plus a few epicurean recipe ingredients and even a recipe book!

You could even fill it with coffee, wine, spa or even a honeymoon gift basket!

Frame their wedding invitation

Make the frame yourself or buy one that can be personalised with their names and wedding date.  Framing their wedding invitation, a favorite poem or readings from the ceremony itself is a very considerate gift.

Get Personal

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I LOVE personalised things and I’ve already touched on how you can use things from their actual wedding above but how about a personalised cutting board, keyrings or christmas decor or a honeymoon journal. How about a his and her mugs, wine glasses or even pillow cases! There are so many options when it comes to personalised wedding gifts.

Gift Cards

Newlyweds are usually on a tight budget and have been for a while so why not give them a movie night out.  You could even give them the gift card the week before in the run up to allow them to relax a little.

Again, get creative and look at putting all this in a popcorn bowl along with bags of sweets too!


Why not give a bottle of wine with a note attached that the wine will be at its prime in 5/10 years and it’s not to be opened until their 5th or 10th anniversary.  Decorate the bottle with bows or ribbons. You could also include ingredients for a romantic dinner too and pop in a couple of candles to round out the gift nicely.

Just remember.. unless it’s a Lamborghini, a lavish expensive wedding gift will never trump the thoughtful personalised yet cheap wedding gift from their friend. Get creative and give from the heart.  If you run out of time and ideas, a little cash or gift card in any amount is always appropriate and appreciated.

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