Simple Train Ticket Hack That Can Save You Money on Train Fare

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[AD] Would you believe it if I told you I was actually an adult before I went on my first train (well barring the steam train at Pickering but I mean who HASN’T been on that as a child 🙂 !). Crazy to think really as it was probably cheap as chips back then to head to the coast on train but it’s just seems super expensive these days doesn’t it?

Where to buy very cheap train tickets?

If you are looking to take the kids somewhere on train during the holidays then check out this simple train ticket hack that can potentially save you a fair bit of cash on train fares this summer!

Unlike other elements in my life, finding the best deal and cheap advance train tickets is the one place I actually the most difficult! though are a new site of which offer cheap train tickets through the form of split ticketing and they do all the legwork so I don’t have to!!

What is split ticketing?

Split ticketing basically means buying two or more single tickets instead of one to cover a single journey.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds and make it very easy to find you the best deal on split train tickets. You can potentially save A LOT by split ticketing too so is certainly one way to make travelling as a family a little more affordable this summer that is for sure!

How does split ticketing work?

So here’s an example:

If I was to go on the hunt for cheap train tickets to Liverpool; rather than buying one return ticket that would cover my whole journey there and back, split ticketing would mean I needed to buy a total of 6.

It sounds confusing but it’s not.. you get the train as you would normally and although it sounds like you are required to change trains you won’t unless you have to due to the route.

We can’t go direct from Hull the Liverpool unfortunately so this does require at least 1 change whatever ticket I buy however by using this split ticket facility I could save over £15 by booking all my ticket individually.

On a route that usually goes direct, whether you’ve bought 3 tickets or just the one.. chances are you’d be on the same service/train throughout your whole journey. Don’t think for one minute split ticketing means you will be required to swap train unnecessarily because that may not be the case.

Will I have to change seats when booking separate train tickets?

Maybe. If you are able to book the same seat throughout your whole journey then no. But if the seat you are in from Manchester to Liverpool isn’t the same as the one you’ve just taken from Hull to Manchester because someone else has booked it then you will be required to move.

If when you book your ticket you have the option to pre book a specific seat on each leg then you will be in that seat for each leg or if you choose to book an unreserved seat then again you can be in that seat throughout the whole journey.

Does split ticketing cost more?

It doesn’t cost you a penny to use the facility that have put together. They take 10% of your saving but no booking fees as such will be added to your total amount nor will any extra will leave your bank account than the cost of the tickets themselves.

So the next time you are looking at booking a train ticket whether it be for business or pleasure, solo or as a family save yourself some money and use this awesome train ticket hack by split ticketing your journey!

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