What to pack for Center Parcs in the winter

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It’s a month before we take our annual trip to Center Parcs Winter Wonderland. The group chats with friends we are going with have started and I’ve started to make a list. Here are our top 5 things to pack for Center Parcs in the winter.

What to pack for Center Parcs in the winter


We always plan our meals before we go. I hate deciding what meals to have at home every night so I refuse to wait until we get there to work out what we want to eat. Meal planning is a must not only ease and the fact it saves you money but also saves you space in your boot! We tend to prepare a meal before we go for the Monday night so we don’t have to mess about when we get there. We take a frozen pizza for another evening meal, hot dogs, crumpets, eggs, bread and beans for lunches and cereal for breakfast.


Layers are the key for us; it can be freezing outside but when you go inside to activties you soon warm up.  Same goes for when the kids head off to play on a climbing frame; by layering up they can take their top layer off and still keep warm whilst running around.


Wellies should be at the top of the list for everyone!  If it’s not raining it will be damp and the kids are bound to want to run through the leaves!

What to pack for Center Parcs in the winter

Logs for the fire

Logs from the Parc Market in Center Parcs are expensive.  We always get ours from Asda before we go and light one overnight.

DVDs (& popcorn!)

Upon returning from an evening swim lighting the fire, sticking on a film and eating popcorn in our PJs is one of our favourite things to do!  A great way to end each day!

What to pack for Center Parcs in the winter

Feel free to share with anyone planning a trip to Center Parcs and you may feel this would benefit and if you have any items that you pack for Center Parcs in the winter that we haven’t mentioned do let us know in the comments down below!

Thanks for reading!

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