How to save money on the latest mobile phones

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Both mine and my husbands mobile phone contracts are up for renewal.  We each pay a ridiculous amount for our contracts at the minute, it will probably be below average if you were to look at the statistics to be honest but I still feel it’s way to much!  Whilst looking for a new and more affordable contract this time around I’m actually looking at other ways in which we can save; logging on to see if I actually use all my data each month and even questioning if it’s worth me keeping my existing ‘old’ phone?  This guest post from Luke at the Fonehouse came just at the right time on how to save money on the latest mobile phones and has really made me think.

August and September are exciting times for Apple and Samsung fans. We already have the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple are due to launch their latest devices mid-September.

One common factor for both manufacturers is their leading handsets now cost nearly £1000 or more for the higher memory variations. With such high cost handsets, the monthly tariffs must consider the cost of the device. Its been nearly a year since the Apple iPhone X was released and the cheapest tariff with no upfront cost is still around £55.

Using a few simple tricks and our tips. There are ways to save money on your plan, overall phone cost and free up a bit of cash to offset the cost at the same time.

How much data do you really use?

The most popular UK Consumer data plan is 16GB of data. Most consumers in the UK don’t get anywhere near that level of usage. The average data used in the UK in 2017 was 2.8GB, this rose to 4.1GB in 2018 and 2019 is expected to show a data usage off 5.6GB as per

How to save money on the latest mobile phones

Most mobile phone plans now come with unlimited texts and minutes and it’s the data plan and device cost which dictates the price. 

Smartphone users need to be more aware of their data usage and purchase a plan which is in line with their actual monthly data usage. All smartphones can check recent data usage. Checking your last three months will show you what you really need.

Considering when you really use data is important, also what you use it for. If you are using your smartphone as a satnav for a 4 hour commute each day then a larger plan is likely to be essential. If you only use your phone for email and a quick browse on the web, then a smaller plan will suffice. 

To understand what your data can do for you check out the graphic below courtesy of

How to save money on the latest mobile phones

Log into that free WIFI

Pubs, cafes, trains and most locations we go to have free WIFI, don’t be lazy and ask for the code. Logging and turning off your mobile data when in range off free WIFI may sound simple but people don’t do it. Take the time to ask for the WIFI code and keep your data for another day. This will save the amount of data you need on your plan and reduce the monthly tariff.

Sitting on cash 

Over the past 5 years the price of mobile phone devices has increased rapidly. This is due to a mobile device now being more powerful than a laptop and in some cases like the Note 9, even has more memory. This means phones like the Note 8, iPhone 6, 7 and 8, Samsung Galaxy 7 and 8 are now worth hundreds on pounds second hand. Don’t leave a device sat gathering dust when you can offset some of that new cost against a new device. 

Pay a little upfront

We’ve touched on this above, most people choose to get expensive mobile phones for free and pay the cost over the duration of the contract. Paying a nominal amount upfront always reduces the tariff and ultimately the overall cost of the plan and device over the contract plan. The most cost-effective way is the buy the device outright and choose your own sim only plan.

Do you really want the latest device?

As and when Samsung and Apple release their devices there will often be a flood of people buying on line or queuing in their hundreds to get the latest model. This is the best time for the thrifty money save. All the older generation phones, including last years flagship device will drop in price. Ask yourself. Was it the advert that made you want it and do you need it? For tech fans the latest device is a must, for the bargain hunter it’s the best time to watch the price drop and save lots of money.

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