Tusker House Restaurant review | Animal Kingdom restaurants

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Tusker House Restaurant tends to be one of the few dining spots in Walt Disney World that we constantly return to.  We do like to try new things every time we visit but we can’t help being drawn to the variety and fabulous character interactions of this beautiful Animal Kingdom restaurant.

Tusker House Restaurant review | Animal Kingdom

Tusker House breakfast

On our most recent trip we had a later than normal reservation around 9:30am; we arrived in the park just after 8am which allowed us to do some of the big more popular rides as walk ons.  By the time our breakfast reservation came around the park was in full swing and queues had already started to get busier as the park opened to the general public.

Animal Kingdom character dining

Tusker House is a character breakfast based in the Africa section of the theme park.  Character present (as of May 18) for breakfast, lunch and dinner are Mickey, Donald, Daisy & Goofy and but it is ultimately a Donald hosted safari breakfast.

Tusker House menu

The thing that keeps bringing people back to Tusker House is not only the ability to see 4 of the main characters in one place (without queuing!) but also the variety of the food; I would be very surprised if there is any other buffet style character meal with a bigger variety of food – I know all the places we’ve been so far there hasn’t!  Seeing is believing though so i’m not even going to try and describe the kinds of things they have on offer check out some of my pictures below…

Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom
Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom
Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom
Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom
Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom
Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom

I could honestly be here all day posting pictures but feel free to check out my Animal Kingdom vlog from that day at the bottom of this post to see the layout and plenty more food options!

Although it has an African twist to the food there is something for everyone.  I am one thats not very adventurous with my food but if there’s someone that is don’t worry… you will still get your Mickey waffles, sausage patties and cereal if you’d prefer.

The salads are unreal, the fruits… everything!  Honestly the variety is crazy they even have Jalapeño corn bread… seriously!!

And the drinks…. besides being able to get an alcoholic beverage on the Dining Dining Plan now (which we took full advantage of… well hubby did!); Tusker House is the only place you can get jungle juice and it is amazing!  They actually also have it on the Disney Cruise Line but not many people know about that so it is technically available elsewhere but not on Walt Disney World property…. you must try (in fact you get no choice they pour it for you as you’re being seated at your table!) 😉

Tusker House Restaurant review | Animal Kingdom

Because this is one of the few character breakfasts with the ‘bigger’ characters at AND it’s at the lower end of the scale as far as monetary value is concerned; it does get booked up very quickly.

Character interaction is very good too.  Similar to ‘Ohana they welcome your children and with open arms and dance around the restaurant (leaving you to eat your breakfast in peace for all of 2 minutes!)

I think its fair to say I would recommend this restaurant.  We wouldn’t go back pretty much every trip if I didn’t rate would we… you must get it on your ‘Disney to do list’!

Things to note:

  • You must have a theme park admission; the restaurant is located within a Walt Disney World theme park.
  • 1 table service credit is required from your Disney Dining Plan (& tips are not included!)
  • Ask which alcoholic beverages are included for free (1 per adult) in your Dining Plan – there will be a menu there but not all will be included.
  • Breakfast is served from 8.00am ’til 10.55am

Have you been to Tusker House before?  What did you think?  Drop me a comment down below (& don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like what you see!)

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  1. JRiley
    23rd November 2018 / 14:36

    My grownup granddaughter and I will visit Tusker House for breakfast in January. I’m glad I read your review as neither of us is familiar with this restaurant. I booked the breakfast for 8:00 in order to get into the park early with the hope we may be able to catch a Pandora ride without a long wait. You have me wondering now if I should have scheduled eating after a ride. We are doing Tiffins for dinner and we’ve never tried this one either – it’s two dining credits per person so I sure hope it’s worth it! Do you maybe have a review for Tiffins?

    • themoneysavingmum
      25th November 2018 / 08:30

      If the park is open at 9am for non dining guests you would need to be ideally getting across to Pandora before then… you don’t want to be rushing your breakfast. I would try getting to AK for opening, doing pandora and then having breakfast. You’ll probably find you can do a few other rides too before you eat too but the queue for Pandora will only get bigger as the day goes on. Hope that helps! 🙂 ps nope not visited tiffins yet .. hope you have a lovely time!

  2. PegP
    31st December 2018 / 07:12

    Tusker House is one of a very few Disney restaurants that’s a definite must do whenever we visit! The breakfast buffet is the best we’ve had. I love their cheese omelets and my grandson loved their pancakes. He barely ate anything at the Chef Mickey’s breakfast but ate four, count them FOUR, helpings of pancakes at Tusker House. When I questioned him about that, his reply was simply, “But they’re so good here!” And I’m not a big banana fan, so was a little worried about trying their banana bread pudding. I shouldn’t have been! That was the best thing I’d eaten at Disney. I actually went back for seconds, which I don’t do for sweets.

    The service here is excellent. And the characters get around the restaurant fairly well. We were at Disney this month and dined at four character meals – Tusker House, Chef Mickey’s, Garden Grill, and Hollywood & Vine. Tusker House was the only restaurant where we got to see all of the characters before we had to leave. If you ask about the missing characters, they get a bit snotty and say, “It takes an hour for the characters to get all the way around the restaurant. ____ will be here soon.” But when you’ve already been there an hour and a half and are losing park time, that’s not what you want to hear. Tusker House was the only one of the four restaurants that seated us close to our reservation time. We waited 25-35 minutes past our reserved time at the other three.

    If you really want a treat, try to schedule your ADR at the end of breakfast. It’s not put away as soon as the time is over. They bring lunch out first, so you’ll get the best of both worlds – breakfast and lunch. And you’ll be paying the breakfast price, not the lunch price so it’s even better!

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