Sweets & Treats at Vanellope’s on the Disney Dream

Vanellopes Sweets & Treats on the Disney Dream

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One of our most recent Disney vlog showed us spending the evening dressed up as pirates (love a pirate night!) and treat ourselves to one of the most amazingly presented Disney Dream ice cream you will probably ever see!  Have a read of what we thought of Vanellopes Sweets & Treats on the Disney Dream.

Vanellopes Sweets & Treats on the Disney Dream

Disney Dream dry dock

During the Disney Dreams 2015 dry dock Vanellopes Sweets and Treats was added to deck 11 and replaced the ‘Arr-cade’.  We sailed in 2015 but it was at the back end of the year I think it went in for refurb so Vanellopes was a new addition for us when we sailed last Christmas time.

You cannot help walking in with your jaw wide open – the theming is amazing and theres sweets & candy everywhere!

Vanellope von Schweetz car

You can even experience one of the Sugar Rush Karts while waiting!

Ask for samples!  They will give you spoon with a sample of any ice cream or gelato.

Disney Dream menus

Disney Dream cruise tips

We found out during our sailing that we could order ice creams from Vanelopes that could be delivered as desserts whilst dining in the sit down restaurants.  We of course had to pay it wasn’t included in the cruise but some nights you don’t want a tiny creme bulea do you??  You want a biiiig moreish mixed flavoured ice-cream with 6 toppings and fresh cream right??

Well we might have done just that…. the car above was what we got on pirate night and sat on the deck to eat it but the trophy below was what we chose to get delivered to our dining table on our last night and it seriously was the BEST THING EVER!

I don’t think many people knew you could do that either as there were so many people interested in that this server was walking through the restaurant with something that looked so amazing yet it wasn’t on the menu!?

Now for the cakes and sweets….. one word = expensive!

I mean they do look really really nice but $2 for a macaron is expensive !!

Vanellopes isn’t on every Disney ship though so don’t be getting excited thinking it will be on your next cruise – it’s exclusive to the Disney Dream however there is similar with Sweet on You that’s located on the newly renovated Disney Fantasy.

Have you ate at either?  What did you think?

If you are wanting a quote for your next Disney Cruise get in touch with Deb at Travel On a Dream or complete this form here – she helped us massively on our first trip and if you too have no clue on what to do, when or even how to book a Disney Cruise; then Deb is your lady oh & do make sure you tell her we (HAKZ) have sent you 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x

Disney Dream cruise video


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