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If you are a follower of our family vlogs on YouTube it’s extremely likely you know our holiday of choice would be a theme park holiday…. a something for everyone vacation!

Whilst preparing for our first ever trip with two small children we were constantly thinking of ways to make things easier…. having never gone with two children before we didn’t have a clue.

Best stroller for Disney

Stroller rental Orlando | Kingdom Strollers

My youngest was only 10 months old on her first trip so we knew that although she wasn’t far off from walking chances were she would be spending a lot of the trip in a pushchair; there was nothing wrong with our stroller but we knew that although my eldest hadn’t been in a pushchair since he was about 3 he too would get tired and if baby was going to be in it for most of the day it probably wouldn’t be that comfy.  One of the first questions we asked was that instead of taking our single lightweight stroller around the theme parks and the like should we consider hiring one?

Orlando stroller rental

A friend had recently come back from a trip to Orlando where they hired a Disney stroller within each of the theme parks; although a convenience to a degree she didn’t have many good things to say about it and to be fair from what I have seen of them I conquer;

  • they are made of hard plastic – they weren’t the comfiest of seats for children to ‘relax’ in.
  • There is no way a baby or small toddler could fit in there safely… now there is a seat belt but for me they certainly aren’t aimed at small children.
  • You are unable to take it out of the theme parks. You can’t rent them until you get to the guest services area just inside the entry gates of the theme park itself and you must hand it back in before you leave. Now if you know the theme parks in Florida you will know that from leaving your car in the car park to arriving at the entrance gates can take up to 30 minutes…. that’s potentially 30 minutes walk before you have even got to the park to pick up their version of a stroller.
  • There was also no storage; granted there is when there’s no child in them but other than that and the lightweight material they are made of hanging something from their handle is impossible without it tipping up.
  • Also the cost was extortionate!

Now obviously there are pros such as them probably being ideal for older children that are way too big for any form of pushchair and you don’t have to lug it around outside the parks if your children are actually ok walking but for us that was it & with the age of our children they would’ve been more trouble than they were worth.

It’s not the most relaxing of holidays you will ever take in your life and having kids just as tired if not more than you is not ideal for anyone so we opted to hire a double stroller that would be suitable for both children from a local company called Kingdom Strollers.

We had seen Kingdom’s vans on previous trips to be fair driving specifically around the Disney area – this will have been because unbeknown to me back then they were and still are recommended by and are a preferred supplier to Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney double stroller

Last year we hired a mini city double; it was fab!

Stroller rental Orlando | Kingdom Strollers

Neither of us had ever been near let alone pushed or attempted to manoeuvre a double buggy around one of the busiest places in the world and we were a little worried about whether or not it would actually fit through doors but we needn’t have; it fit everywhere! Kingdom provided a raincover, it had a drinks holder, storage was amazing both under the seats and at the back of them too. It was very easy to fold down too with a handy handle for ease of carrying as and when you needed it and fit in the Chrysler 300 car we had hired perfectly too.

We had absolutely no hesitation in using them again this year either.  My eldest was taller than on a previous trip we had to hire a different style stroller otherwise we would’ve happily have rented the one that served us well last year but we opted for the BOB Revolution Duallie.

Stroller rental Orlando | Kingdom Strollers

It came in green and we nicknamed it the Hulk because it was MASSIVE! But massive in a good way… it actually felt lighter to push than the mini-city double and it was an ideal size for both kids.

Considering my eldest only a few months off being 6 he fitted in this one fine. Both were able to have a nap during the day or fall asleep on a night, both were able to sit in a comfy seat whilst waiting for a parade/fireworks and both were able to jump in when trying to get through crowds!  Neither had to make the long walks to the car every night and WE didn’t have to struggle pushing around what looked on the face of it to be the heaviest pram on earth – it was a breeze!

The only downside on the BOB was that it didn’t have as much storage as the mini city but it was fine as we didn’t have as much with us as we did when the kids were smaller so made very little difference to us it was just something I noticed.  Considering the size too it fit in the boot of again a Chrysler 300 with its wheels on! Bare in mind though you CAN take the wheels off so if it is a struggle to get it in your car then you can just remove them!

I cannot recommend Kingdom Strollers enough; they’re helpful, their prices are very competitive, their Strollers are clean, tidy and are in full working order…. what more could you want?!

If you got value out of this or feel it would be something some one you know would love to read too then feel free to share (or PIN to read again later!)

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We have teamed back up with Kingdom Strollers to offer YOU a FREE stroller rental in 2017!!  Yes a FREE stroller rental for up to 10 days!! How amazing is that!?

Now you know how much I love getting  value for money and sharing with you all my must haves and steals… so I am extremely happy to be able to share with you this amazing and very generous offer that has come directly from Kingdom Strollers.

Now all you have to do to enter into the price draw is the following simple step:

Just subscribe to the blog & comment on THIS blog post to tell me you have done so down below.

Although not a necessity for an entry I would really appreciate if you took this opportunity to let me know what other things you would like to see from us and…

‘if you care then feel free to share’ 🙂

There are also 4 more chances out there of which you can gain 4 more entries to the draw so to give you more chance of winning with an extra entry per interaction then head on over to our Facebook page, Instagram, twitter feed and YouTube right now for more details!

We will only be accepting entries* up until the 23:59 GMT on 31 January 2017 and will be making the draw before the end of that week.

*on ALL forms of social media

(The winner will have one week from the date/time of the announcement to get in touch with me with their details otherwise the draw will be made again) 

Thanks so much for reading and again a massive thank you to Kingdom Strollers – be sure to go check out their Facebook and Twitter page! They not only hire out single & double Strollers but also cribs, bedding and special needs Strollers too which I think is fab!

Before entering too please make sure you are familiar with the exact areas of which Kingdom Strollers cover, feel free to check out their FAQs too which I’m sure will be able to answer you any questions you may have and check out their video on youtube below 🙂


  • Lyndsey Olsen 3rd January 2017 at 18:12

    Following blog

  • Natalie 3rd January 2017 at 21:29

    I would love to win this giveaway for my sister she is going with her 5 & 6 year old girls in Feb I think the stroller rental is a great idea love reading your bloggs Kirsty

    Competition win stroller please

  • Amber Evans 9th January 2017 at 04:49

    Very awesome idea. Would love to win 🙂

  • Zoe Morrissey 10th January 2017 at 18:40

    Wow can I be entered into the draw please! I’ve followed your blogs since before our first trip in 2015 when your two where a similar age to mine I even developed a brief ‘hull accent’ which is impressive since I’ve never been to hull in my life! I watched your v logs back to back one night ha Fingers crossed for our trip in may ?‍?‍?‍???☺️Xxx

  • Gemma 11th February 2017 at 19:32

    Hi Hakz 🙂 only just discovered your new vlogs, I watched all of your ones from 2014 I think it was?? they are all making me so excited for our trip in May!!! How old are your kids? Mine will be 3 and 5 when we go so I love watching vlogs of kids the same age! Would love to be entered into your stroller comp, at the moment our double won’t fit into the car with our luggage and we wanted to cut costs so not hire one! Would be amazing to win this!! Thank you xxx

    • themoneysavingmum 10th April 2017 at 06:36

      In the vlogs they were 2 and 5 🙂

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