How to Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

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Virtual assistants are in demand worldwide. As a virtual assistant, you could find clients in your own community or halfway around the globe. It’s really a great way to make a living and work flexibly from home. 

You get to meet so many interesting people, learn new tasks and responsibilities and perhaps best of all, enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss! I feel I have won the lottery already regardless of what is going into my bank due to the flexibility being a Virtual Assistant gives me.

Want to know how to start your own virtual assistant business… keep reading!

Starting Your VA Business


Nope I’m not calling you names but it’s time to take a look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

What strengths do you have that will contribute to a successful virtual assistant business. Communication skills, organisation skills, professionalism are some strengths. However, you likely bring a lot more to the table so list them all!

Be sure to take a look at your weaknesses as well. We all have things we aren’t maybe that good at or that you don’t particularly like to do so maybe do half a job. You’re making sure you’re aware of all you’ll need to do to run a successful business. If you have a weakness, and we all do, then you’ll want to create a plan to manage it whether that’s not providing a service that involves an Excel spreadsheet for example.

If your weakness is writing and you need to have sales and marketing copy for your business website, you can learn to write or you can hire someone to do it for you. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses helps you create the best business for you. 

Opportunities can be anything from the fact that you have a friend who designs websites to a growing demand for virtual assistants. 

Threats are things that may challenge you, like competing for virtual assistant roles and a sluggish economy (maybe!). When you’re fully aware of your assets and challenges, you can plan for them. 

Create a business plan

Plan the services you’re going to offer and how you’re going to offer them. I explain more over on this post where I talk about everything you need to know if you are thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant but just for example, will you charge by the hour or by the project? Will you offer a discount for ongoing clients? Research your competition and decide whether you want to specialise in.

You can specialise in a certain task, for example transcription. Or you can specialise in an industry like real estate. 

Specialisation is a way to demonstrate expertise and adds credibility to your business. That being said, there are many clients who want a one-stop solution and would prefer a virtual assistant that can do a number of tasks.

Set up your business

You’ll want to create a website to market your virtual business as most of your clients will be online, often finding you through online searching. 

A website is also a way to also demonstrate your expertise. You’ll also want a business address, a phone number, email and a way to accept payment. PayPal is an easy way to invoice and track your income and expenses but don’t forget to account for the fees when setting your rates!

Once your business is established, the next step is to spread the word. Consider social networking, advertising, SEO and article marketing to market your business. A blog is also a good way to demonstrate credibility, enhance your brand and drive traffic to your website.

Virtual assistants are in high demand so whether you’re looking for full-time work or a part-time income, it can be the perfect solution. Create your business and start making money from your skills…. I did!!

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