My Mystery Shopping recommendations ? 

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I’ve already mentioned before that the way we get our ‘foodie freebies‘ is mainly through the use of cashback apps and that one of my favourite companies to ‘work’ with for mystery shop type freebies has to be Red Wigwam. But there are a few more companies out there that I use that also do similar so here are some more of my mystery shopping recommendations.

Who do I use…


These are probably the most regularly updated mystery shopping company I am a part of however they are probably the one that requires the most from your mystery shopping visits which I will talk about shortly.

Their website is very easy to use and although initially might seem a little crowded and difficult to get around once you get the hang of it and what they offer you will find it very simple.

They have a calendar where you can see your jobs, you can favourite assignments and filter jobs out by area, category or job features which makes it a really fab website.  If I know I’m going somewhere out of town I can see if there is anywhere to eat near to where we are going just by searching on the map and extending my search to cover another area.

As I have already briefly mentioned they are probably the one company I have come across that require a lot of work so they probably aren’t the best company to pick up jobs from if you intend to take your kids shopping because there will be A LOT that you need to remember to feed back to them and parents we all know how stressful a trip to the shopping centre with kids is without having to think about what photos you need to take and having to observe staff members.

Their assignments notes, albeit are quite long, they are very easy to read.

You even get Greggs visits on your profile so you could even earn a few pennies on your lunch break and get your dinner while you’re at it!

I think it’s really excellent for food businesses and restaurants too – majority of your food will be covered as an expense and with the money they will be paying you will pretty much foot the bill (aslong as you’re not a family of 10!).

My only negative point on Marketforce, I’ve already mentioned, is the length and requirements of the assignments. That is the only thing that puts me off doing more due to the time you need to read those before you’ve even gone to the store.

Definitely work signing up to though – you never know what might appear on your profile!


I have just today done my first job with Clickworker & all I had to do was nip into a Boots store I was literally passing by, take a few photos of the haircare section and upload them to my profile …. £9 I will get for that baby. Simple!

There aren’t many jobs that have come up on there to be honest that I have been able to do but they do have more online jobs if that’s your thing and again want to earn a couple of ‘bucks’ on your lunch break!

They are worth again signing up for though for sure.

My Mystery Shopping  recommendations

What Users Do

These are one of my faves due to the pay however aren’t that regular with jobs. I honestly can’t remember the last time I did a job with them but it is all online work so if you are online regularly then this is for you.

You get ‘matched’ to a job, have to answer a couple of pre-assessment questions to see if you are eligible for the test and basically just follow instructions. It’s not the easiest mystery shopping company to use again purely because its online so you need a computer AND everything is recorded. So instead of going into a store, taking a few notes, buying a few things and taking a couple of pictures you are to log on to your profile, download the screen recorder program, read the very simple instructions and basically review a website.  There will be questions that they ask you to consider such on a site a reviewed before I had to pretend to book a holiday – I only had to go as far as the payment page but along the way questions they were asking were like how easy I found the website, how attractive I found the website (not like that ??) and how easy it was to navigate around.

Really simple & easy assessments to do and at £8/job they’re well worth a tiny bit out of your day! HOWEVER they are very popular. Sometimes I have gotten an email from them and clicked on the assignment shortly after or when I’ve been in a position to do it only to find the job has gone – you have to be very quick and pretty much in a position there and then to take up the review.

Again, another mystery shopping company to for sure sign up for – just a shame they are few and far between but the pay does make up for it when they do crop up.

All companies mentioned are very easy to sign up to – I no issues with any of them and they’re all free too: you shouldn’t have to pay ANYONE asking YOU to do a review or be a tester/reviewer they should be paying.

Would love to hear how you get on – I imagine in the bigger cities within the U.K. there will be bigger and better opportunities so I would love to know the kind of places you’ve visited and things you have gotten for free whilst mystery shopping … drop me a comment down below!

Hope this helps!

Kirsty x



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